Friday, December 29, 2006

Why Can This Family Not Take ONE Normal Picture

We did a lot of touristy stuff today. Top of the Rock, NBC Studio Tour, both VERY touristy. So you think when you do this stuff, you might get a couple of good photos right?

WRONG! At least not when you are a part of the Dias family. Dad apparently hates to look at the camera, mom seemingly doesn't like to smile when the camera is on here, and then there is me. I look like a toothy retard in almost every pic.

So what does that leave us with?

Here they are:

The last one is my favorite. Dad totally didn't get this whole concept of the self-picture (one of my personal favs). He was sooo confused!

The Top of the Rock was really quite cool. We got to see basically the whole city. NBC Tour was also really great. Saw the SNL Studios, the Dateline studios and a bunch of other NBC stuff. I was hoping to run into Peter Petrelli, but he wasn't around.

I then went to the airport to pick up Jarod and Steve. A seperate post is necessary to fully describe the Jarod, Steve and Iris portion of this trip.

I need sleep.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Effing Christmas

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Christmas? I hate most celebrated holidays, you know Easter, Valentines' Halloween. Hate'em!

This year was no different. Sure we were spending it in NYC, but this doesn't make this time of year any more exciting to me. Bah Hum Bug is my general disposition, and I am ok with this.

The one thing I was actually excited for was the Giants game yesterday. It was VERY cool to see how Americans celebrate this sport. Tailgating galore. There were at least 8,000 ppl in the parking lot drinking and pre-gaming for the game. Can you imagine?

The game itself sucked. The Giants were blown out, but let me tellya, Reggie Bush is one bad ass mother. He was pure football entertainment. Eli was a joke, and Shockey embarrassed himself. Meh, I didn't really care what happened, b/c no matter what, the Raiders weren't making it into the playoffs. (But #1 draft pick here we come!! YEAH BABY!!!)

That was the end of yesterday, ordered some cheap Chinese food in and just hung out.

Today was relaxing. Mom and Dad went to church, and understanding the fact that I neither believer in the Catholicism or religion in general, they didn't push. They came back, we hung out for a while and then went for dinner.

Because of poor planning skills, we didn't really have any idea where we were going. We had made resos at the Boathouse in Central Park, but we weren't really feeling it. So we went to the Meatpacking District. Initially, I thought we would walk around the West Village and find a cool restaurant, but it was raining and we ended up at Markt, AGAIN.

The food was great, as per usual, and dad liked it, which is rare, and he didn't complain about prices, which is UNHEARD OF!

All in all it was a good Christmas. I am thinking of converting to Constanzaism so, next year will be Festivus for me. Or at the very least Kwanza. I need a random holiday to validate my already random existence.

Now for the airing of grievances ... how is that different than any other day of the year??


Saturday, December 23, 2006

National Dias' New York Vacation

The majority of this trip is going to be spent with my family. Don't get me wrong, I adore my parents. They are good people with many quirks - which is probably where I get it from. Today was day one of the vacation. My father hasn't been to NYC since the 70's and doesn't really understand why I want to be here so badly. My mother gets it, as she was here earlier this summer.

Today began fairly normally. My family taking far too long to get ready and me being VERY hungover. We FINALLY go on our ways. We take the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge to see the WTC site, the NY Stock Exchange and Lower Manhattan. This is them in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is just so them. Mom trying to tell dad how to stand and to smile. Hahaha, they are ACTUALLY crazy.

We then made it down to Wall Street etc. Our trek to Battery Park we see the most random thing in the world, a turkey. A TURKEY! Wandering around Battery Park just hanging out.

After running into the turkey, we make our way up to Times Square. I HATE Times Square. It is crowded with tourists who move WAY too slow and don't realize they are in NY and that walking that slow is pissing people (me) off. But dad wanted to see it, so I sucked it up. We saw where we wanted to be for New Years and all of that. We then went to 5th Ave and Rockefeller Center. The tree is even prettier at night. Still a gross amount of consumerism, but what the hell right, it's all for Jesus' birthday.

I also got to see the displays at Bergdorf Goodman's. These displays are legendary, and they totally lived up to the expectations. Interesting displays that are intricate and perfect. The details are incredible.

Other than that, we had a nice day. I needed a break, and thank god for Brandy Chorney because she called at the perfect moment for me to take a break from my family.

I am pooped now and need to sleep. I got dad the best Christmas gift ever! We are going to the Giants-Saints game tomorrow. He is the one that introduced me to football and neither of us have ever been to an NFL game. His response to the tickets "Iris, there are serious playoff ramifications associated with this game" I love it. I really do think I might be the coolest daughter in the HISTORY of daughters. Haha, ok, probably not, but this is going to be killer fun. Tailgating, drinking in the middle day and watching some killer football.

I will post again tomorrow. Amazing how life becomes more interesting when on vacation.

Red 45, Red 45.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weirdest Day EVER!

Well today was .... interesting.

I live my life in a manner that is sort of mundane. I go to work. I hang out with friends. Nothing in my day-to-day existence is spectacular. And today wasn't spectacular, but definitely out of the ordinary.

I started my day barely scraping myself out of bed. I think this past week of not sleeping has FINALLY caught up with me. I have slept more in the past two days than I have in the past two weeks. So that part was nice. I get out of bed and decide to go consignment shopping. The upper east side has some amazing consignment shops and they all carry these brands that are unheard of in Alberta. While I didn't find anything, I am sure I will, as there are many more to hit.

I then went to the midtown area and hit Rockefeller Center. I saw the tree. Let me tell ya, it is FREAKING HUGE! This thing looks like it has been growing for about a million years and the consumerism that is us has cut it down to decorate it and put it on display ,,, ANYWAYS. It was very pretty though, and the star on it was beautiful.

Well I continue on with my day and call a guy I met on the plane on the way here. Really nice guy, a little older, and seemingly cool. We decide to meet for drinks. On the way to meet him for drinks I sit down to relax for a minute. While I am relaxing, I meet another dude. Again, seemingly cool. So we exchange digies and I think all is good with the world.


I go for a drink with the guy I met on the plane. We are hanging out, having a good time and then he drops a bomb bigger than the bomb on Hiroshima ... he non-chalantly informs me he is MARRIED!!! WTF!!! No, What the fuck! How are you out on a date with me???? It obviously ends there, because I am far too big of a believer in karma to let this shit fuck me up.

I graciously leave, thank him for the drink and go on my merry way.

I then go and meet up with random guy on the street. First of all let me brag for a second. He is a Dolce and Gabanna model. He actually has a billboard that I saw. Holla ... I went out with a model!!!! AHHH

This is where the coolness ends. When he wants to "Go back to his place" and I saw no he actually says "You don't know what you are saying no to" ... Ummm, yeah I do and I think I just did say no to it. What is with these people?

No wonder dating is so hard. You meet a guy, and you think he is cool, sure a little old, but that hasn't stopped me before, and well, he is married. Then the next guy is a loser model. What the fuck! There is a reason I have remained single for all these years, and today was the culmination of all these reasons. I never want to meet a guy again! EVER!

Ok, that is a lie, but next time can they not be married and not be someone with the ego the size of the Nortwest Territories!?

Thanks! I appreciate it.


Shallow Like A Puddle

This is how I have described myself on numerous occasions. I am. I like clothes and pretty things, and I like to look good. So sue me.

My shallowness has left me in a bit of a conundrum. I am here in NYC, one of the fashion capitals of the world, and feel very inadequate. I love my clothes, but I want to look GOOD! Not just ok. Stuff that is fine in Edmonton, well is it ok here too? It wasn't that big of a deal this summer, because summer clothes are whatever, sandals, tank top and shorts. Easy, winter is when the clothing decisions become harder. Do I go with a chunky sweater or a light top and layer it? If I layer it, will I look chunky? And shoes! Winter shoes aren't nearly as pretty as summer shoes. ARGH! I have been pacing in this small apt for an hour trying to figure out what to wear to go shopping. And it also sucks because I don't have anyone to bounce outfit ideas off of.

Ok, I am going to peel myself off this chair, and go into my bedroom and find something, ANYTHING to wear. Wish me luck.

Wow, I am REALLY superficial.


Friday, December 15, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things

Another boring day at work earlier this week. As I am getting prepped to begin my daily crossword puzzle, I come across this random thing.

The Best of Craigslist!

Well, some of this shit is hilarious. I think that Craigslist might become my new venting forum. A nice anonymous place to bitch about all the things in life that piss me off. Like REALLY skinny girls who complain that they are trying to gain weight. HELLO! Do not talk about your difficulties gaining weight to a girl who weighs 8 times what you do.

Or when people call me really early in the morning. Everyone knows I work night shifts and am so NOT a morning person as it is. Don't call me before 10 AM unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Or when the bellmen at work ignore me on purpose because they think me being bored and annoyed is funny. It isn't! I spend enough alone time throughout the day, I work at a hotel to get SOME social interaction!

Holy off topic Batman. Ok, so check out the list. There is some VERY funny stuff - not to mention scary stuff. I have found a girl that sounds EXACTLY like me and a guy that makes me scared of all men.

Back to having the bellmen ignore me. I don't even have banquets here to keep me entertained ... how I long for the CPCL some days ... and those great calls Ron or Jarod used to give me telling me there was dessert in the staff caf. Oh, I miss those days.

Does anyone want to bring me in free dessert?


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bittersweet Symphony

I am getting ready for a Christmas vacation. Where you wonder?

I am returning to New York City for the Christmas break. Excited? Sorta. It will definitely be bittersweet. New York is supposed to be beautiful this time of year. Christmas cheer (bah) everywhere. The window displays, skating in Central Park, seeing the Rockefeller Centre tree, showing my dad why I heart NY.

Sure, that is all great, but let's not lie. New York broke my heart this year. I was supposed to be living there right now. Acting like an actual New Yorker. But instead I sit at the hotel, getting frustrated with the bellmen, and work a job that I don't really want to be at.

So, yes, I am a little sad to be going back without working there, but hey, at least this way I will be able to look back fondly on my memories of the city, rather it making me horribly sad.

Oh, and the other super exciting thing, is Jarod and Steve are going to be coming down to NYC for New Years. It is going to be one cramped little apt on the UES, but hey, I like to cuddle.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Nice to Meet You

I worked yesterday. It was a painfully slow day. Nothing was going on and we were totally overstaffed. I was ready to leave as soon as I walked in. It was painful.

That was until a guest came up and started to chat with us. He was from Seattle and was thinking about moving to Edmonton, so he was asking us questions about the city etc. Super nice guy, talking about his fiancee and their kids, so it was nothing in the least bit flirtatious.

He then mentioned how that since he was in PR he would probably be doing a lot of work on the Avenue. Wait a second, did he say he was in PR??

He is the PR Manager for Nintendo of America. Can you imagine? That is huge. I googled him and he is the main contact point for any press related information and everything that is put out from Nintendo. The silly Wii. That is him justifying it.

It just seemed really cool to me. But he reaffirmed my belief in holding out for an agency. He even said it is the best idea for anyone starting out in PR, it gives you a well-balanced experience and is VERY transferrable.

So my lame-o day at work wasn't wasted afterall. It is always nice to hear decisions you make aren't so bad afterall. Yay!

Have a good one.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Don't Cry for Me Meatpacking District

I sit here this morning, writing this entry, drunk off my ass and in bed. Why do I confess this to you all? For the sole purpose of explaining why this entry is going to be a bit ... sadder than most.

I came home and went on that thing called Facebook. I did it solely b/c this super fun bellman at work was on it and well, once you get a ball rolling, you know what I am saying.

I think I have mentioned before how I only joined Facebook for the pics. Well these pics made me very sad.

What was I looking at?? Well it was pics of NYC this summer. These fun, incredible, goofy pics, that I have not looked at since my return to Edmonton. Mainly because they are still very sad for me to look at.

All the happiness which is usually repressed, out there for posterity's sake. The gum on the sidewalk, the weird sweat that only ever appears after 2 seconds of being on the train platform, the kinda of sexiness that only comes with having a smoke in NYC. I miss these things more than I realized. Almost more than words can express.

I know the thing that truly kills me about NYC is that it was in my hands. In fact I could taste it. Living in this city, that has been my dream for so long, was in the palm of my hands and yet unreachable.

Have I come to terms with it? Obviously not. I am sitting here doing a drunk post, at 6AM! No doubt I am still messed up about it. But I have moved on. Sure it sucks, but it could be worse. I could have really thin hair. That would totally be worse.

FYI, I think of this thing as my own little journal, so you guys are just going to have to deal with the drunk posts once and a while.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Alberta - God's Forgotten Land

Sure it's beautiful. Majestic landscapes, natural beauty, fresh air ... yada yada yada. I really do like Alberta, so do not take this post the wrong way.

I truly believe Alberta has been forgotten by God, Allah, Yaweh, Buddha, Ron L. Hubbard, who ever you choose to believe in. Why you ask? Well the most basic answer is - It has been in the -30's here (YES MINUS 30'S) for almost a week. The normal temperature for this time of year is a rumoured minus 3. I don't know if I believe that, but it is on record so I suppose it may be true.

What happened to global warming? I knew it was a total farce. Al Gore has been lying to us for years.

Oh yeah, I watched a great doc the other day. As some of you might know, one of my favorite things to do is to watch docs. I feel so much smarter after watching even a ridic one. I finally got to watch Wordplay. It was great and now I am trying to get into crossword puzzles. I have gotten pretty good at the USA Today crossword puzzle, but my goal is to become good at the NY Times puzzles. They are apparently the gold standard in crossword puzzles.

Ok all. Hope everyone is warmer than we are here. Wait ... I am pretty sure ANTARCTICA is warmer than we are here.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Iris Ain't Got No Love for the West Coast??

This is a quote from Snoop Dogg. It was right before the whole Biggie/Tupac fiasco, and while I am no Snoop D O double G, I don't have any love for the west coast. I hate the west coast in fact. They are all going to get swallowed up by a big earthquake, (seriously, NBC did a made for tv movie about it a couple years ago) and then Alberta will finally be the coastal province it was meant to be.

Ok, so that is not the only reason I hate the west coast. I don't know, I have always imagined myself as an east coast kinda girl. I like TO better than Van, I like NY better than LA. (I like dental appointments more than I like LA) and the RAIN! How do people deal with it?? I am very controlled by the weather and rain messes me up more than anything. Give me four inches of snow rather than a bunch of rain. Although I do love walking in the rain, there is something almost cleansing about it, but I don't shower regularly, so maybe that is it.

Ok, I do this a lot to you guys, I know, but I need at least 10 good reasons why Vancouver is a decent major city to live in. I think it is a bit of a joke. I mean come on! What the hell good has EVER come out of Van? And no, I don't want the ocean and the mountains to be counted as reasons. Those are bullshit, you don't become a cool city b/c you are lucky enough to have those surrounding you. Slave Lake isn't cool b/c of the lake ... same thing!

So send in all those reasons, however few there may be. I going through some heavy shit right now and need some help making a decision with my life.

Thanks dudes!


Friday, November 17, 2006

Well well well

I reluctantly came back to Edmonton months ago. I didn't want to be here. Sure, I loved the thought of seeing my friends and family, but I wanted to be elsewhere. I still do, I cannot lie. I feel as though I need a spark in my life, and what better spark than moving?

Well, I have been here for a while and it seems to me that I am enjoying being here. I am no longer in the depths of despair, thinking constantly about how my life has done a 180. Rather, I am enjoying my life here again. The comforts of this city are too vast for me not to enjoy being home. And it is always great to know you don't HAVE to sit at home on an antsy Thursday night. I have friends here who are willing to go out for a beer, and I don't have to be the creepy one at the bar getting hammered by herself.

Good times to be had by all.


But working the front desk again is killing me! When Jarod broke my ankle, he did irreparable damage to it!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Ain't No Sunshine

Well there just isn't. I am at work right now, re-reading all the old postings on this here blog, and how my life has done a 180. The excitement and happiness that I almost drowned in this summer are gone, replacing them ... nothing. I have a job, with people I like, but I NEED TO USE MY BRAIN! I am starting to feel a little on the ... well ... useless side. So much for excitement being balanced by calm. All the excitement this summer is being balanced right now ... by total boredom. ARGH!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's in the stars.

So I was bored at my mind numbing job the other day and I was reading my horoscope. Now I do think that there is a grain of truth to these things. I am not saying I live my life by them, but I am a TOTAL capricorn. But this time, holy shitballs, this thing was totally true! So here it is. Enjoy.

Your ability to go with the flow of change might be strained now as you realize how many things are actually beyond your control. If you are secure enough in your own world, you'll be able to let go of certain responsibilities. On the other hand, you can react with an iron fist as you try to keep your life from falling apart at the seams. Try not to stress as things will begin to settle back down in a couple of days.

Falling apart at the seams? HA! I don't have any seams left. So I guess it isn't that true afterall.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's in a name?

Well, there is quite a bit in a name, but in a blog name? Not a while lot, except a little false advertising. I am no longer in NY. I don't think I will be in NY anytime soon. Probably for at least a couple years, so I have reverted to my cyncical, angry self. And MEH kinda sums it all up for me.

How do I feel? Meh. What am I doing? Meh. What am I thining? Meh.

See it works out perfectly!

Funny how I was less angry and cynical in NY. And most people think of NY as the birthplace of angry and cynical.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What a Wonderful Life

Ok, since my life is boring as shit, I have nothing to write. NOTHING!!

I am going to start work at the hotel again. This time as a bellman -er bellperson. My father has been fighting with me to go and work a real job in a hotel, but I think that if I am going to be working in a field other than PR I am not going to get a cushy job that is going to pay well so I don't leave. I am going to go to a job that doesn' t pay well, and I will be more than willing to leave when the need arises, should the need arise. Which it may not. But this was possibly the funnest job I ever had! I love the people, most of them, I know the hotel, and well it is just fun. So let the good times roll!!

And if one more person tells me to take a gov't job I am going to fucking scream. I would rather shoot myself in the head than take a job with the gov't. It is as simple as that.

That is all for now.

Peace out hommies!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

I come from a very small family. Me, mom and dad. Holidays are essentially spent watching tv, eating, drinking and sleeping. Other than that, all holidays basically look the same.

This thanksgiving was no different. We ate, we drank, we slept, we watched tv. Nothing spectacular. But for some reason, this one was really fun.

Could this be b/c I got hammered and played Yahtzee and cards with my parents? (Both of whom are big fat cheaters!) I think so.

So, anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that the bright spot of my October thus far, has been my thanksgiving. It really did rock.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Seriously, WTF!?

My life is lame. LAME! I do nothing. The highlight of my week thus far was a bad rom-com with Lis.

Seriously, WTF!. I was reading posts from a little while ago and my life was fascinating. Even if I do say so myself. Everyday was an adventure. Everyday was a new experience. And now, the highlight of my day is catching up with 90210.

I love that I have been able to hang with my friends, b/c I am a co-dependent loser. But I need to live a life again. And don't get me wrong. I have been applying for jobs, just in case. But no one is calling me back. I AM EMPLOYABLE!

Sure I am picky. I don't want to work for the gov't b/c I think that would be horribly boring. And I don't want to get stuck working for a corporation, b/c again I think that would be boring. I want the flavor that is agency life. I want to do a lot of shit for a lot of clients. I don't want to write newsletters or edit annual reports.

Ok, so enough of that. It is thanksgiving weekend. What am I thankful for? I am thankful that I am not dead.


Oh, yeah. Read this stat today, and again, seriously, WTF!??

Yale and Harvard researchers found that 30-year-old white, college-educated single women had only a 20 per cent chance of finding husbands. At age 40, the probability fell to 2.6 per cent -- they were "more likely to be killed by a terrorist".


Friday, September 29, 2006


I find it fascinating this whole blogging community. Within my close group of friends, there are at least five other bloggers. All of whom are living much more interesting lives than I am right now.

It is incredible how easy it is to communicate with people without actually communicating. Passive communications. I love it, mainly b/c I am lazy.

I just got back from Slave Lake. I haven't been in over a year. I have no idea why. It is so quiet and peaceful, not to mention beautiful. My dad is helping a friend of his run this nice little restaurant right on the lake. I went for both lunch and dinner yesterday and today. The food is ok, but the view is to-die-for. Actually, dinner was REALLY good, but lunch was marginal at best.

I miss New York. I miss the action, the pace, the ... everything! Not that Edmonton isn't great, but with the uncertainty that is my life right now, I need a lot of outside help keeping me distracted. I am thinking about temping next week. My mom said if I drove her back to SL, I could have her car, which would make me having a short-term job more plausible. I am sorry, but the public transportation system in Edmonton leaves a lot to be desired.

Ok, enough is enough. I have to wash my oh-so-greasy hair and get ready for Ro Ro's b-day drinks. I do have a drinking problem, don't I??


Sunday, September 24, 2006

When the hell did we grow up?

I have started to wonder that lately. When did it happen? When did we jump from carefree, fun-lovin', living for the moment youth? When did we start to worry about our careers and money? When did we have to think about health care benefits and how we are going to buy a house or get married? When did these all become legitimate concerns in our daily lives?

I hate that I am now an adult. And I think it JUST happened. It really did feel like an overnight switch. I woke up one morning and my youth was dead. (Although, my youth did have a wonderful wake this past January)

We are now surrounded with "Be responsible. You have a job you might like, but will pay you more - stick with it." Forget that! I want to do the things that I LOVE!! So I crash and burn, at least I will wake up 10 years from now and realize that I gave it my all.

I have always thought that saying "You regret the things you don't do in life, not the things you do" is totally true! I don't regret buying those fabulous shoes, but let me tell ya' there is still regret about not buying a shirt five years ago. (I am a shallow puddle)

So that is my little rant for the day. Sometimes this shit just builds up and I need to vent. If you don't like it, well, stop reading this. Ok, no don't. I really like the blog counter going up.


P.S. I think I did CONSIDERABLY better in my fantasy league this week. YAY ME!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I like music. Thanks, in big part to my friends, I like good music. What I hate is when I hear a band that I LOVE and a song that I LOVE being sold for a car commercial. Yuck! It makes me feel a little dirty inside. Is that weird? It probably is, but I can't help it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Wonder

I had a date tonight. It was a great date. One of my oldest girlfriends, Ally, took me out for sushi. I even got to order beer. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a great date and not wonder about the awkward kiss afterwards. I love it!

We were talking tonight, and I was wondering this. Do you know how people are often judged by whether or not they liked high school? You know, usually, the ones that liked high school and remember it fondly are the weird jocks, or the people that just aren't cool people? Well ... Ally and I were talking and we both loved high school. And neither of us are weird, conformist, status-quo types of people. I consider us both people of some depth, with varied interests.

Are we the only ones that liked high school? Are we the only ones that escaped the years of adolscence unscathed? Are we maladjusts for escaping it unscathed? We were never the coolest kids in high school. Don't get me wrong, we were pretty effing cool, but we weren't the ones that people wanted to be like. We were the 'rebels' or as rebel-esque as you could get at Concordia. But I think the people we chose to associate with, even the ones I no longer talk to, were a pretty solid group.

So this is my shout out to all my old high school buddies. The people that saved me from hating my high school experience, and allow me to know reminisce fondly about the insane times at Concordia High School - Class of 1997. Holy shit I'm old!

My only saving grace is my friends from high school will ALWAYS be older and generally, not wiser. I LOVE IT!!!

Memories, misty, rose colored memories. Like the corner of my mind.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On to Plan B

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and realized something. I can't sit around a let life happen to me. I have to take the bulls by the horns.

So my life isn't in the exact spot I was hoping for. I mean I haven't worked in over a month and I am sitting here wasting money. Who cares! I have to move on and get my life in order.

That is exactly what I am doing. Pull it together Iris!

I was thinking about this quote from the series finale of Dawson's Creek "Dreams come true, not easy" (Joey to Dawson)

Hahaha, I just quoted Dawson's Creek. I am a LOSER!


Monday, September 18, 2006

So, how are you feeling today?

Like jumping off a bridge. First off, as I mentioned previously, my life is in limbo. Second, my favorite football team, the Oakland Raiders, are going down the drain. Third, I have no car. I am stuck at home a lot now because I sold my car, and it is too freaking cold in Edmonton right now to walk anywhere. (Ok, that is not necessarily true, but all of my wintery/warm stuff is in my apartment in NY) Fourth, I apparently suck at fantasy football. I am truly horrible. Every player I put in decides they don't want to do anything for that game! WTF!! A defensive battle between Denver and KC? That should never happen.

On the upside, I am currently tied for second in my picks pool, which makes me happy. I think I am the only girl in the pool, so at least I will be able to look back at this bleak period and think in my head, "For the first two weeks of the 2006 NFL season, I was in second place".

Wow! That really cheered me up.

Oh yeah, Paul sometimes comes up with some good shit. I was online and he sent me this link to this You Tube thing. The group is Ok Go. This is a good example of a really innovative marketing. I am now willing to go and check these guys out in concert and stuff. Here is the video. There is another one here.

Seriously, what is with this weather?


Friday, September 15, 2006

I am the definition of

limbo n
1: the state of being disregarded or forgotten [syn: oblivion]
2: an imaginary place for lost or neglected things
3: (theology) the abode of infants who die before baptism

Hello! Number 1! I am in number one! Why does the world feel the need to torture me like this? I am far to rational to be shoved into a state of limbo. Not only is it driving me crazy, but it is driving my friends, family and random strangers I pass on the street crazy. Not to mention it is driving me to drink!

Where is my beer?


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where am I??

Well, as of this moment, I am in Edmonton. I was driving myself crazy in NY. I have a job, a really great job, but I can't start that job until all the paperwork gets sorted out. That is depressing. I have not not worked for this long since back in tha day when I would only work during summer (high school).

What does a person do with herself when she has no money (well, very little of it), no friends (only one in NY) and no job (at least not one I can work at)? Well she retreats. She comes back to the people that are willing to pick her ass up should she need it, to the places that are comfortable - not to mention cheap - essentially, she comes home.

So that is where I am right now. Am I happy to be home? I am happy to see all of my friends, whom I miss after not seeing them for 3 days, but I am not happy to be home. Every day that passes stresses me out more and more. ARGH!

There it is. Now you know. Whatchagonna do about it?


Friday, September 08, 2006

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret - Queens of the Stone Age

I am not sure if you guys are aware of this, but I am incredibly shy. I have a problem making friends because far too often, I come off as snobby, when in reality, I am just shy. I don't like to waste my time talking to people, unless I have something to add to a conversation. I hate small talk and I hate responding to questions I know people don't care about the answer to. This being said, I think this is something I am going to have to get over. I have transplanted myself to a new city and unfortunately, small talk is a necessary evil.

Last night I went to a sports bar around the corner from my house. I cannot tell a lie. I was thinking I was going to talk to some people. You know, girl alone, at the bar, watching the game, drinking beer. All the makings of an easy talking. The first quarter and a half went by and nothing! WHAT! This is weird. So I continue to sit and watch the game and finally the guy next to me starts talking to me. Nice guy, there with a group of his buddies, all seemingly average nice guys.

We continue to watch the game and talk football. The joys of knowing something about the sport is that you can hold your own in a convo. I am not saying I know as much as say ... Tej, but I do ok. I have often thought of my love of sports to be detrimental to my getting men. Sure they like that I watch sports, but they immediately put me in the friend category. The great thing about the guys last night was that I wouldn't even want to date any of them! No seriously, none of them were dateable. Which is great, because that means I can just hang out.

Long story short, they invited me to watch football with them on Sunday. I might be able to make friends after all! YAY!

I'll drink to that!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I know I sure am! Me likey some football and tonight is the first game of the season! YAY! Now, I am hopeful that my beloved, but heart-wrenching Raiders will do better this year, but let's not lie. I doubt it. I have become one of those cynical people (weird, me cynical) who doesn't believe anything until they see the proof. Hopefully there will be some proof soon.

My biggest challenge this year is going to be watching the games. You see I am, for the first time in my life, cable free. That is right. I have no ESPN to watch Countdown on! Can you imagine!? This was my Sunday ritual of years past, go out Sat night, wake up at 9 AM to watch countdown, clean a little, then plop down on the couch with some beer and munchies for the rest of the day. No wonder I packed on the pounds in the past few years. But this year because I will be living on a fixed income, I will be having to choose which games are the most important to me (Raiders) and see where they are playing and watch only those ones. I can't be sitting in a sports bar all day spending money and drinking my life away. Can you imagine? Ok, I can, but I just can't do it! This is when you are supposed to hear violins playing in the background of my sob story. So sad.

Well I should go and get ready to watch this game! YAY!!! T-minus 140 minutes to kick-off!



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Idea Generator

I need your help. I am in the greatest city in the world and I am a little bored. I have run out of money and I am not working yet, so it makes life a little difficult.

I need ideas for cheap things to do. I am not used to this. As most of you know, when I want to do something, I usually just go out and do it. Regardless of cost, live your life and the money will usually work itself out. Well that was when I had an income (or savings for that matter) and now I have neither.

There are so many great shows in town or coming to town, but I can't really afford any of the tickets. Plus I have a drinking problem, so going to these shows will tempt me to drink, which is NOT cheap. ARGH!!!

IDEAS PEOPLE!!! I need some. I can't watch my Seinfeld dvds anymore. I now know everything there is to know about seasons 1 -6 of Seinfeld. Office season 1, Grey's Anatomy season 1, Entourage 1 & 2.




Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Forty Love

HA! No, its not the age of a new boyfriend of mine, so stop thinking you are all so smart. I reality it is a reference to the US Open.

Now to preface this posting, you all must realize that I LOVE TENNIS. I once woke up at 4 AM to watch an Australian Open final between Pete Sampras (my fav) and Andre Agassi. It was brilliant. There is something about tennis that puts it above ANY other sport for me. I love football and basketball, but with tennis, it is one person against the other. You don't have anyone else on the court trying to get you out of your head. Psychology plays such a huge role and let's not lie, it is physically exhausting. To be on a court, running your ass off for sometimes up to 3 or 4 hours, everyone I know would probably die. Including me. So in short, I LOVE TENNIS. And not to mention, it is just such a classy game. No beer being thrown on the ice / field, no one yelling profanities at the players and the other great thing is that because it is such an international event, the crowd cheers for everyone at some point. All anyone wants is to watch some more tennis.

So yesterday, I walk to the subway, get on the 6 train and transfer to the 7 at Grand Central Station. The US Open is held right across the street from Shea Stadium. So after almost 45 minutes on the train, I finally arrive at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center. Wow. It was amazing. Welcome to the US Open.

Since I was so hungover all day yesterday, I hadn't eaten anything. I go to the first food station I see, not really knowing the eating etiquette. Am I allowed to eat in the stadium (Arthur Ashe Stadium actually) and would the allow me to get food during the match? I decided to get a beer and a pizza and sit outside at watch me some tennis. They have big screens all over the place and you can actually buy tickets to just hang out on the grounds and do just that.

First match of the evening session was Serena Williams and Amelie Mauresmo. I GET TO SEE SERENA WILLIAMS PLAY!!!

I eat my pizza and rush to my seats. Sure the seats aren't that great, but hello! I am at the US FREAKING OPEN!!!

There was a definite leaning towards Serena going on. I think it has to do with the fact that she is American, but also because she was unranked playing the number one seed. This match went to three sets and it was great. Cheers were heard for every good point, not just Serena's. Serena ended up losing and a lot of people left.

The next match started at 9:20 PM. I knew that as much as I love tennis, I would not be staying for the whole thing. I didn't really care about either of the players, and I just wanted to see some big, man serves.

I left after the second set, when it seemed as though Lleyton Hewitt had it in hand. By the time I got home, they were in the fifth set. DAMN! But being on the subway that late at night is not something that I think is a good life choice.

Oh, how cool is this? They were selling crepes at the stadium! How random!

That was my day. I got to fulfill a dream of mine - I was at a major. Sure it would have been WAY better if it was Wimbledon, or if I was caught on camera with food all over my face, or dated the deaf linesman, or become a ball girl - but such is life and this was still pretty freaking great.



Monday, September 04, 2006

Do I have a drinking problem??

I think I might. I mean, I drink all the time. Most times I am not getting drunk, but what is the definition? And does that definition apply when you have no job, and nothing to wake up to except your fantasy football draft?? If it does, well it shouldn't!!

So I am back in the Big Apple. I have to say, I am happy to be 'home'. This place is yet to really feel like home to me. I have to get it all set up, get some breakfast food so I am not hungover and hungry. (Not a good combo). Last night I was craving the French onion soup at Markt. Seriously, best ever!! I got there at 11 pm, and didn't leave till 2. The beer was flowing, thanks to Bizarro Jarod and there were just randoms chatting me up. I really do like being a single girl in this city! I met a couple of randoms and we went for some more drinks down the block. Not let me tell ya, this was SO not planned. I was in jeans, flippies and a black v-neck. I was sooo not dressed for going out, but I am a trooper and did so. And proceeded to get HAMMERED. I suppose that 8 beers on an empty stomach is not the best of ideas. Who'da thunkit??

And stop judging me! Harp got kicked out of Monkey's Island! That has to be worse!!

I am going to the US Open today, if I can scrape myself out of bed. ARGH!

Stop yelling at me!!


Saturday, September 02, 2006


That is exactly what I am feeling. I am still in Houston, hanging out with the family. Thank god, b/c otherwise I would have been all alone in NYC, which normally, would be ok, but when you are obsessing about something, being alone kinda sucks. Holy run-on sentence Batman!

While I am really enjoying my time off and hanging with the family, I am ready to start work. I know my tune will change in a couple of weeks, when I am back at work, but right now ... I am ready for a regular schedule.

Oh, saw a great movie yesterday. Little Miss Sunshine. I thought it was really good. And not to give anything away, but there is a scene in it that is so funny. I don't think I have laughed that hard continuously at a movie in a very long time. AND I was sober! That is the real shocker, let's not lie. It was a little kooky, but a real feel good, funny movie. I highly recommend it.

Ok, that is all for now. I will check y'all later!


Monday, August 28, 2006

I hate being sick on vacation

Well even worse. I hate getting sick on vaycay. What is with that?? What am I being punished for?

Oh, well ... could be worse ... I could be sick and having to deal with Lisa. HA!!! Ok, that was a little mean, but very true.

Cabo is really nice. I would love to come back and do some adventure travel stuff. You know, the stuff my mom doesn't want to do with me. We got a killer hotel room here though, with an amazing view of Lands End. (It is these rocks in the water with an arch. Apparently famous)

Still waiting on the visa. Still a little antsy. Still sick. My life sucks. HAHA! It really doesn't.



Friday, August 25, 2006

Cabo Wabo

Ok, I get that my life isn't that interesting right now. In fact, its a little boring. I have no money, no job, no man ... why haven't I shot myself yet? Oh yes, it is the promise of exciting things to come that has kept me alive.

The one thing I really like about my family is that they are totally random. I mean RANDOM!! My mom, aunt, cousin and I were sitting around the other day a little bored wondering if there was anywhere we could visit. My cousin works for Continental Airlines, so we have access to a lot of last minute travel destinations. SO we looked and looked and looked and we are going on a little trip. Cabo San Lucas here we come!!

I have never been. I hope it is everything the Girls Gone Wild videos have portrayed it to be. I mean, where else is my low self-esteem going to be on display better?

Basically I am letting you all know this to a)make you all extremely jelly and b) to make you all aware of the fact that I will not be posting at all this weekend. I will be on a beach, sipping pina coladas and being drunk off my ass!! WOO HOO!!!

Don't stop till you get enough


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just Breathe

Do you guys get busy heads? I do. They are so bad sometimes that I won't sleep all night. While this doesn't happen often, it happens enough for me to know that I need to calm the f**k down.

Sleepless nights obviously happen at times of stress and let me tell ya, moving across the continent, to a city, oh 10 times the size of Edmonton, with not a friend in site and a job that may or may not still be yours can cause stressful. SHOCKING!

I am in Texas right now with my fam and having a gay old time. We hang out during the day, play poker at night and then off to sleep. For most. For the past couple of nights my head has been just too stinkin' busy to sleep. What's going on the visa? What if they pull the offer? What if I have to come back to Edmonton with my tail between my legs, saying that I was thrown out of NYC? I would die!!!

So there you have it. Now EVERYONE knows about my anxiety-ridden existence. How I make it through the day without throwing myself off a bridge or even worse, without putting myself out there is unknown to me. I am still amazed most days that I am able to pull my sad little self out of bed. Ah ... to be a neurotic mess. Oh wait ... I am.

Some helpful links:
I love the web, you get to diagnose yourself!!

Warm it up Chris


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What a long, strange trip it's been

So I was very excited / sad to come back to NYC. I love the city, but I was also leaving a major part of my life back in Edmonton. So Paul pushes me on a plane and I begin my journey.

By the time I get to Toronto, I am just ready to be in New York. I mean, there is pizza that needs to be eaten right!? SO I call my mom to let her know that I am bored and in T.O. She lets me know that HR has called and informed me that I am unable to start on Tuesday b/c of difficulties with my visa. ARGH! WHY! I could have been at home in Edm for longer? This sucks.

So I get to NY and spend the first day by myself in my new apartment. I was so tired, that watching about NY is the only thing I can do. This was accomplished through Seinfeld DVDs. My mom came the next day and we set everything up and ran various errands.

On Thursday Jarod came for a visit. First night, we went to Esthero. She is a Canadian electro-pop artist who ROCKS! She was seriously amazing. And I got to see JOHN LEGEND!!! You know, the guy who sings Ordinary People, Used to Love You. Great show, cool venue. We then went for some late-night Italian in Little Italy. The next day we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and I took him to the Gansevoort Hotel to show him the amazing view. We then ended up at this awesome club dancing our butts off till 5 in the AM. Saturday was spent recuperating from Friday night and walking around lower Manhattan. We hit the Statue of Liberty and had a great dinner in SoHo. Sunday was busy. We went to lower Manhattan to re-capture a picture he had taken years ago. We then went to Markt for brunch. (I was trying to have another Bizarro Jarod experience but he was not to be found) We then went for a long walk in Central Park, tried to hit a couple museums, but they were all closed early. We then went to this club I had first been to with Autumn. Le Souk. The second I walked into the place the first time, I thought Jarod. And here we are TOGETHER! He totally dug it and well, I just felt super cool for even knowing about it. I rule! We then bought some pizza and beer and walked home drinking beer from brown paper bags! We are trash. The next day we went to the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Artists. Small but interesting. Jarod then went to the Guggenheim and I went home to clean a little before heading to Texas for my aunt's b'day and to get out of a funk that is too far deep!

So there it is. This blog is not dead, it was just on hold b/c I had no access to a computer! I felt like I was in the stone ages, and not the good kind. ARGH! I never realized how co-dependent I was on my comp. How do people find out about random things? Get addresses? Write on blogs? AHH!!!

Well when I return I will have my comp with me and all will return to normal. Long ass posts like this will not be necessary b/c I will resume posting everyday again.

So I have a discussion for you guys - the MTV Music Video Awards are going to be in NYC in a couple of weeks, and I want to get in to some of the parties. Any ideas how I should go about doing this? Let me know yo!

Let's hug it out!


Sunday, August 13, 2006

I heart Edmonton

My whole life has been spent in Edmonton. Well not really, but the biggest chunk of it has been spent in this beautiful city. I have never had to say goodbye to anyone, I have always been the one being said goodbye to. There is a certain amount of comfort in this. You know that come the next day, you will be normal. It is the person getting on that plane that is going to be all screwed up. And you will be there to support them, but you know that your life is going to continue relatively unscathed.

I am no longer that person and I am hating it. I had my little party last night and it was so wonderful to see everyone and to hang with some peeps who know that I am chemically imbalanced and still like me (not sure if it is because of the imbalance or in spite of it). Good times had by all and thank you all for showing up to get rid of me. I appreciate it.

The end of the night came and what is this? I am having to say goodbye to people?? WTF!!! This is not what I signed up for! Sure I want to live in NY but I don’t want to LEAVE Edmonton. I FREAKING LOVE EDMONTON!! This isn’t cool!

And the thing that really sucks is that people always say “I will totally be coming to visit”, but you KNOW, you know that chances are, life will get in the way. Expenses arise and you can’t afford a plane ticket. It has happened to me. Eve has lived in Cali for so long and the last time I was out there was for her wedding. How messed up is that??

As I sit at this computer my heart is breaking. I am leaving these people that I LOVE. People that mean the world to me and have been the greatest support system any girl could ever hope for. And that could never be replaced or even come close to.

This past week has made me realize that I am giving up so much for this pipe dream of mine. Fridays sitting on a couch, drinking beer and going for random walks with Paul. Savoy with Anne and Brandy. Jarod and Steve cooking for me. Lisa’s post-party talks. Concerts with Lis. Just to name a few.

This sucks. Is this thing worth it? I suppose only time will tell. This is the thing. I am so excited to move but I can be really sad at the same time right?

To everyone that reads this blog. Thanks. It is flattering to know you are all willing to read my random thoughts and rants. It also helps to ensure you guys won’t be forgetting about me anytime soon, or I will totally kick your asses!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

What is that smell??

Well it is the smell of fresh air. I love it! Carlee described breathing in NY perfectly, "You can never trust your second breath" One second you smell fresh bread, the next it is the rotting garbage from the corner. Here though, nine out of 10 times, you can trust your second breath. It is a luxury that I never noticed before. I do know though.

I went for breakfast yesterday and it lasted quite a while. No wonder Steve is sick of me and so excited for me to leave. Hmph. I see how it is. It was a great day though. Jarod and I went to Millcreek Ravine. I had never been in this area before and one of my favorite things about Edmonton is discovering new trails etc to explore on.

I then had to panic to get my paper done for school. This took up the majority of my day. I was haviing an issue writing yesterday. A paper that previously wouldn't have taken me very long, took me FOREVER!! I even had to cancel plans with my lovah ... Brandy. Don't get any dirty thoughts.

I think my dad spilled something on my keyboard b/c it is not typing the same as it once did. ARGH!!

Alright, off to get my transcripts. YAY!!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Enjoy the Silence

Ok, I am not listening to Depeche Mode right now, but I am doing exactly that. Enjoying the silence. I went for a walk yesterday in Hawrelak Park. Got down to the river, sat there for a while and heard nothing but a couple of dogs barking and birds chirping. Trippy man!!

NY doesn't have quiet like this. It is incredible. I was annoyed this morning when I heard sirens! Sirens are all I hear in NY and here they are disrupting my quiet so I am frustrated. How funny!

Oh, and the joys of not having roomates, or anyone around! I really did like my roomies, however, I have lived alone since I was 17. That is almost a decade of alone time. A girl kinda gets used to it, you know?

AND I have options here! Friend options I mean. I don't have to rely on the same people / person. I have options!

Can anyone explain to me why I am willing to pack up and move from here? What the hell am I thinking?? Am I drunk? Ok, not at this very second, but I probably will be at some time today.

Today I my boyfriend and his boyfriend are cooking me breakfast!! They make fantastic breakies. I am bringing champagne so there better be OJ for mimosas!!! When on vacation, breakfast ain't breakfast without a little hooch. If I were on a beach and it were pina coladas, no one would be judging me, and I don't think its cool that you are right now!

Anyone know the number for a cab here? I will need one to return from breaky.

Shhh ....


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tourist Day in Edmonton

Most people are never tourists in their own city. I had never really done the whole tourist thing in Edmonton before, but yesterday, my friend Steve suggested going on the Edmonton Ghost Tour. For $5 we got to walk around Old Strathcona for an hour and listen to a Newfie talk about the woman with the long black "here" - she was trying to say hair. Well the tour wasn't that great, but it was fun to get out and to walk around and to hang with Paul, Michelle and Steve.

During the day, well that was freaking fantastic! I went for lunch with my girlfriends. It was ab fab. I was drunk all day ... I am on vacation, do not judge me. You would think nothing of it if I was on a beach somewhere, so I am pretending that my balcony is a beach. Whatever.

Lis, Autumn, Chunk and I went to Da De O's for lunch. I love Da De O's. For all the times I have been, I have only ever ordered the crab cake po' boy with sweet potatoe fries .... mmmm ... sweet potatoe fries. Then we walked around Whyte Ave, shopping and hanging. It was a fantastic day in the City of Champions.

I realized it as soon as I drove into the city ... it isn't going to be easy to leave here. Logically, it should be an easy move. Edmonton to NY. Who cares right? But I LOVE Edmonton. This has been my home for 12 years now. Leaving this city and the amazing people that are here for me to depend on is going to break my heart. And I am not just saying that.

I think Paul is posting about our day yesterday, so you might want to check out his site to compare notes. Also, Ron is now in Korea. I have added his blog too. Email him, post comments, help him realize that we all love him and miss him too. (Which we do RBA! You are the MAN!!)

Ok, gotta go play chauffeur to Kim Jong Il. Well not really, but she is half North Korean.

Hasta la Vista!


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Who says you can't go home again

Ahhh .... the joyous relief of walking into your home. I haven't felt that feeling in two months! I walked into my place for the first time and almost cried! My apartment in Edmonton is HUGE!!! I mean, not really, but compared to what I have been living in, this place is monsterous! OH ... I saw stars last night for the first time in a while too.

Its a relief to know that some things stay the same. Edmonton is one of those things. And I mean that in THE BEST WAY!! I love the comfort of knowing exactly what is going on and where to turn left. Not having to look at the map or ask a random person for directions. The comforts of home ... I never thought I would miss them as much as I apparently have.

As soon as I got home, I started wondering why the hell I want to leave again and how I am supposed to pack up my life in a week! What is that?! I have lived in this apartment for almost 5 years now. I have a lot of stuff. Do I take all of my pics? What about my books/DVDs? ARGH!!! This is going to be difficult! But I will do it. I am selling BlAcura this week. Sweet, sweet BlAcura. I don't know how many of you are aware of just HOW MUCH I LOVE MY CAR!!! Well I do. And selling it is going to be a difficult.

Ok, enough of me complaining. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Kai, just had his baby. World, say hello to Sami Salimaki. Another Salimaki boy, just what the world needs! TEASING!! Congratulations Kai and Norma! I can't wait to meet him!!!

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!!


Friday, August 04, 2006

Two Months Already!!!

I know I have been sad a lot since I have been here. Mainly because I have been missing all of you guys, but my first two-month installment of NY is complete. And when I return in a week, I will be a full-fledged New Yorker. Can you imagine?! Me, little old me, living in NY! Amazing. I still can’t believe it.

These first two months have been incredible. I know my lifestyle will not be the same when I return. I will not be able to buy 12 pairs of shoes in 2 months regularly. I will not be able to go and spend a whole lotta money on brunch b/c I am a little bored. I will not have to escape the horrors of the NYU dorm b/c I now have a place of my own (a place I really like too) I am excited to actually live in this city, and not feel like a tourist.

But as of this moment in time, I am most excited to come home!! I will be home this weekend for about a week. Paul has kindly offered to DRIVE to Calgary to pick me up (why was Paul the only one of you guys to offer? Jerks) I am excited to sleep in my bed, and to go for a walk in the river valley. But I am super duper excited to see you guys!!! I have mentioned this before, but I am a co-dependent mess and going for this long without my friends hasn’t always been easy.

I told Chunk last night, that these past two months have both flown by and dragged on. In some ways it feels as though I JUST got here. I remember walking into the dorm, getting acquainted with the Union Square area and discovering how close SOHO was. But in other ways it feels as though these past eight weeks have been more like eight months.

So, like I said in my email, I do hope to see all of you in the next week. Some more than others (Everyone more than Lisa)

I will be home soon!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

My New Place

So I have moved into my new apartment. I don't know if I have mentioned how much I love my new apartment! I really lucked out. I had been looking at places that made me want to shoot myself in the head. I looked at one place in Chinatown that was literally 12 x 12, with no air conditioning and it smelled like fish. Another place I saw was even smaller, probably 8 x 10, with no windows and a shower in the closet (and the renter acted as if this was normal!)

Well mom and I went hunting and hunting and hunting, and we finally found something. It is great. It is on the Upper East Side in a great neighborhood, about 20 blocks from work and about 10 blocks from Central Park and the Guggenheim. GREAT LOCATION!!! And the place is great. Its an actual one bedroom, with a dining room! Both of which are not rare in NY, but rare for my price range (which is very limiting). So here are some pics.

This is my living room.

This is my entryway.

This is my bedroom

Still in my bedroom

Another view of my living room

View from my kitchen

View of my kitchen and dining room

It is on the fifth floor of a walk up, so I will have killer ass in months, without ever hitting a gym!!! YAY!!! I hate gyms. Yuck!!

This place was like a god sent. I have never felt such relief as I did when I walked into this apartment and I haven't felt such happiness as I did when I was told I got the place!!!

Ok, that is all for now. I am relieved, and happily sitting at my desk, in my apartment writing this blog. This is great!!!

I think I am going to go to bed now.



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Top Ten Things I Heart About New York

10. The architecture - I am not even a huge fan of architecture, but the variety here is incredible

9. The art - no, not the stuff in museums, but the stuff on the street. Art is just hanging out here, everywhere. Some of it is weird, but I like the way this city seems to have too much art and needs to just plop some of it outside.

8. The parks - There are parks everywhere! Its great. For a city this large, you need little pieces of SERENITY NOW! If you are walking home and you get a little tired, you will likely walk by a park you can sit and chill in for a couple minutes - except Gramercy, which is apparently a private park. What is that about??

7. The ego boosts - ok, from a girl that often has to deal with a lack of male attention - except from Jarod and Paul, who, as much as I adore them, just don't count anymore - the men here can really boost a girl's self esteem.

6. The museums - I don't consider myself cultured at all. My appreciation for art is very limited, but I am able to spend HOURS in the museums here. It is amazing. I can't imagine what it would be like to take an art history class while living here, you would be able to see the things you are studying up close and personal! INCREDIBLE!!!

5. The shopping - I am resisting the urge to put this as number one. I am a shopaholic and NY has some of the best in the world. The shoes! The styles! The sales! A person couldn't ask for more.

4. The music scene - this is probably the only part of this summer that I regret, not taking more advantage of the music scene here. I have yet to go to the Knitting Factory or CBGB's, but the fact that I got to see Bloc Party makes it all good!!!

3. The walks - I have walked from work to the dorm a lot. At least once a week, sometimes multiple times, and not once have I taken the same route or seen the same things. This holds true of all of my little walking adventures. I walk, get a little lost, and find another part of this city that is amazing. It is GREAT!

2. The hustle and bustle - I don't know another way to describe it. This city doesn't have a downtime. It's go, go, go all day everyday. Sure, it can wear you down, but it also energizes you.

1. EVERYTHING!!! - I know I have said it before, but there is nothing I don't love about this city. I love the street noise, the pizza (I SERIOUSLY LOVE THE PIZZA), delivery of ... well everything.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

God Bless Bloc Party!!!

Yesterday was EXHAUSTING!!! Mom and I went around the city all day, in the scorching heat and on the brutally hot subway. Mom was such a trooper, she kept on truckin' and made it through.

Then ... the best part of the day ... BLOC PARTY!!!

They were amazing. Possibly the best concert I have ever seen. The energy, the venue, the anticipation. BRILLIANT. First of all, the venue. Ruth and I made the trek to Brooklyn. It was my first time (other than the abandoned subway ride), but it was very easy to get to. We get to the venue, not knowing what to expect. Well ... it was hella cool!! An abandoned city pool, that was monsterous! Here is are a couple pics so you can visualize:

There was graffitti all along the sides - it was just sooo NY cool.

The opening bands were really good. I liked the first one a lot, Mew. They totally kicked ass. Download their stuff ASAP if you can. The second band was good ... Secret Machines. It was soooo hot! Beer was the only option! Had a couple beers, and then went to get into line before Bloc Party went on. The lines were sooo long. I had to waste 2 beer tickets b/c BP came on and there was just no way I was going to miss a single second of it!!!

First of all ... they are amazing. I have loved them since I illegally downloaded Tulips. Lis then gave me Silent Alarm and that was on constant rotation in my car and on my iPod for 3 months. Big Daddy then gave me Silent Alarm Remixed, another three months of constant rotation. BP has rapidly evolved into one of my favorite bands. The anticipation for this concert was HUGE!!! I was very excited!!

They came on and were brilliant. I can't say enough. Despite them only having one full-length album, they rule! I made it to the front of stage right - all the shows Lis and I have gone to has taught me that the sides of the stage are often easiest to get up close.

The setlist ws as follows: Waiting for the 718 / Positive Tension / Banquet / Blue Light / She's Hearing Voices / Hunting for Witches / This Modern Love / Like Eating Glass / Little Thoughts / Helicopter /// So Here We Are / Price of Gas / Compliments / Pioneeers

I thought I might be able to get the video I took last night up here, but it ain't workin'! DAMN!

I am taking mom to Babbo for dinner tonight - if you are a fan of Molto Mario on the Food Network, then you know the chef, Mario Battalli. I am very excited. I tried to go on Friday, but they didn't have any room for a single lady to sit and eat.

6 more days, but I am not sad. I don't feel as though I have wasted this time at all, and I will leave NYC having had the best summer of my life.

Oh, so I have lived essentially right next door to this diner, but I never really noticed it ... until I was taking the cab to the hotel the other day, and I see the sign:

I will be visiting it before I leave here, just so I can say ... Big Daddy has totally cooked me food ... has he done that for you lately HARP?? I didn't think so!!

shake what your mamma gave ya!


Friday, July 28, 2006

The things you miss

I was told by Natalia (a friend of mine here) that I start too many sentences with "So". I re-read my postings yesterday and realized how true this was! I am going to try to resist the urge to do this today. Let's see if it works.

Yesterday was a good, 'normal' day. Nothing crazy, no interns gone wild stories, just doing stuff that you do when you become comfortable somewhere. It was nice. I overindulged at Food Emporium. Not only did I have sushi for lunch, but then felt the need for the pear dumpling ... mmm ... pear dumpling. After being a gluttonous pig, Natalia and I went back to the office. If you only knew how close I was to pulling George Costanza and sleeping underneath my desk, you would die! Seriously! The 3-month pregnant belly that Brandy is such a fan of is growing!!! It might actually be at 4 months now. tee hee

After work, I went for drinks with some people from work. It was fun. I got to hear all the work gossip. LOVE GOSSIP!!!! At least I can admit it.

Throughout this little adventure of mine, I have grown more and more weary. I am starting to miss the comforts of home more and more with each passing day. But this weekend, I at least get a couple things. My mom is coming in!!! As most of you know, I am a messed up only child and very co-dependent. I am probably the most co-dependent on my mom. She is my best friend, and I have never been 2 months without seeing her. She is coming in tonight, and I get to finally see her! The other thing that I get this weekend is a bed bigger than a twin. Granted, I will be sharing it with my mom, but still, half a king is still bigger then a twin. And let's not lie, I am a monster bed hog, so I will get more than half.

Alrighty, I have to dry my hair and get ready for work. There probably won't be many, if any, posts this weekend, but I will let you all know how the Bloc Party concert is this weekend.

Iris over and out!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The book of face

So for these past two months, all I have heard anyone talk about at work, in the dorm, ANYWHERE is Facebook. I don't think it is that big in Canada. My suitemate Carlee signed up for it a while ago, and she has become like a crack addict.

I had resisted. There was no way I needed another thing to distract me online. I have some serious celeb stalking to do, not waste my time with Facebook. That was until my friend Heather was being difficult. She is the one I went to BED with the other night, and she was essentially holding the pics she took ransom. So I had a dillemma. Do I join this cult or resist the seduction of the dark side. Well, I caved to peer pressure, and joined. I just want to make it clear that I have joined solely for the picture stealing that I will be able to do. UGH! Like I need to be anymore connected with the world. I do have a blog!!!

So I now have some pics. Here are the Winnie Cooper pics again, and the pics from BED. I seriously don't see the comparison.

Winner Cooper-jeet my ass!

Alright y'all. Take care!!


Monday, July 24, 2006

First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes

So, I gave into the future of chats today. You see, yesterday morning, I almost cried when I got to see Harp for the first time in eigth months. She left for her world adventure in January and I have been unable to see her face since then. You don't realize how much you miss seeing people and their facial expressions until you go so long without, and then you finally do!

So today, I went out and bought a webcam. I am hoping that more of you guys will do the same so we can video messenger each other. I know I will be home in two weeks, but come on! Give a girl a break!!!

Today was relatively uneventful. Just work and laundry. FINALLY LAUNDRY!!! Now I won't have to Febreeze everything before I put it on. Well, I will in a couple days, but till then, I am good to go. I have also discovered my FAVORITE pizza in the whole world. Fresh mozarrella. (sp?) Mmmm ... I eat it all the time ... which is possibly why I have not lost any weight since being here. Yup, that and the fact that I eat 8000 calories at brunch, eat late-night snacks all the time and just don't really care, that is definitely the reason why. Will you guys still love me when you have to grease the door to get me out of the house? Well, you better!

Alright, I have nothing else to say.

have a gooder!


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ahhh ... the 5 hour brunch

I woke up this morning ready to be productive. Ready to do my laundry and other errands that needed to be completed. Well the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Instead, I awoke to a sea of girls, (my suite mate had her friends over this weekend) and my other suite mate Carlee informed me she was going to brunch. I LOVE brunch, so how could I resist? And, I figured it wouldn't take that long, a couple hours at the most!

So Carlee, Erin and I made it down to the Meat Packing District and walked for a bit looking for a place that would be able to seat us outside and have a good, hearty brunch fare. We ended up at Markt. Markt is where I originally met Bizarro Jarod.

So we went to get a table, sat at the bar until one opened up on the patio and had a couple of beers. Bizarro Jarod walks in to start his shift and he remembers me! This made my day. I often feel as though I don't leave an impression on people, and that I am totally forgettable. So it was nice to know that at least one person I have encountered in the city at least remembered me.

The girls and I finally get a table outside (great corner table actually) and we order. I promise, if you are a fan of French onion soup, Markt possibly has the best I have ever had. (Lis, you would die!) It was absolutely perfect. Mmmm ... my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The girls ordered breakfast fare, while I ordered an amazing burger. I have been craving this burger since the first time I was there. The beer kept flowing, and the food was incredible. The omlettes were the perfect fluffiness, and the asparagus was the perfect crispiness. And the fries! Eve, you must be disgusted with me right now, but on the weekends, I only end up eating one meal a day, so I generally go crazy with it. The girls ordered dessert, but I am not a dessert person. I did ask for a spoon so I could sample though. Both were great. You can totally tell the difference in good, fresh ingredients.

After brunch, I decided to go and chit chat with Bizarro Jarod. I sat for a couple more hours and read the NY Post front to back. Of course I skipped a lot of articles, but it was nice to have a little QT with a paper, a beer and intermitten conversations with Arthur (that is his name). Four additional beers later (I think I was on 7 or 8 at this point) I left. Unfortunately, I was not drunk. All of that delicious Hoogaarden and not drunk! Damn!

I then proceeded to walk along the West Side Highway, along the Hudson River. It was a beautiful day, not hot at all, although clear and sunny. The water was gorgeous. I walked aroung the West Village for a while, and made my way home. I have been out of the house for 8.5 hours, and it was only supposed to be a quick little brunch. HA!

Needless to say, laundry will not be getting done today. After all that food and beer and walking, I need a nappy, or to just go to sleep.

The past two days have reminded me why living in this city is my dream. Because it is incredible. As much as NY can kick your ass, it can also be a very soothing companion. The things I have seen and done, although a lot of times, going to the same places and doing similar things, are never the same. It is amazing that this city is here and that I am in it right now. Who is the luckiest girl in the world ... I think it might be me.

Keep on truckin!


What is with the Winnie Cooper comparison??

I have gotten it for a while now. And I just don't understand. I got it again last night. Some random guy comes up to me (as I am talking to a cute Swedish i-banker) and says, "Did you watch the Wonder Years, cause you look exactly like ... Winnie Cooper." WTF!!! I am sorry, I don't see it. I never have, never will. I JUST DON'T GET IT!!! See look ...

I will try and get a pic from last night and see if it might give me a better indication as to why I get this comparason.

What did I do Saturday night, I went to bed. Ok, well, it's a club here in NYC, and it was great. I haven't really hit any clubs since I have been here. A lot of lounges, but really, no clubs. My friend Heather and I went to BED tonight, and it was fantastic!!! Such a good night! (Carrie and the girls went to BED the day she was broken up with by a Post-It, just so you know)

In reality, it was a good day. Despite getting some tough news, and having a crap night last night, today was an all around good day. A couple of friends and I walked around Lower Manhattan. We saw the WTC Site which is so humbling. I think I have mentioned it before in this blog, but to see this real estate, in some of the most expensive land value in the world, without anything is totally humbling. We again went into St. Paul's Chapel. It is incredible that, despite being situated right across the street from the WTC, it suffered not even a broken window. Not to mention all of the memorials still in place. Going to the WTC site and St. Paul's made me realize that nothing could be as bad as that day. My heart still breaks when I hear stories or recollections of the day. As lonely and sad as I may be, at least I have tomorrow, right??

Alright whitey. Have a good one!

I have to get to bed -- I mean get to sleep! haha

Ok, good night!!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Quote Day!

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genuis is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solve and always will solve the problems of the human race
- Calvin Coolidge

I must tell myself this everyday. I am not the smartest, the most talented or the most educated, but I am possibly the most stubborn, and out of this stubborness is born determination. Determination to prove your doubters wrong and prove the believers right.

Let's find a dark bar, so dark we forget who we are. Where all the scars of the nevers and maybes die.
- Rent (right Sarah?)

I know how lame I am for being so lonely. I get that. Don't judge me. I don't need that today.


Friday, July 21, 2006

What do you do? I google.

So this will be the most random posting to date, but I have to do it.

Yesterday, I came home between happy hour and going out again, and was chatting the Jarod on MSN. He sent me a link.

Now I have to preface this all with a little background - Jarod is possibly the best googler that I know. If you need some information, call Jarod and he will find you anything that you need. If it is on the web, Jarod will locate it. Brilliant, truly brilliant.

I have also been very concerned that he hasn’t been missing me since I have been here. He and Paul (my two best dudes) have both seem completely unaffected by the lack of Iris they are getting. I just hope this is their macho fa├žade coming out, and they are really crying themselves to sleep at night without me.

I shall continue. So Jarod sends me a link that he found – here is the link

If you scroll down, the names of a couple of the saxophone players are … Jarod and Iris.

I know how ridic you are all thinking this is, and Jarod I hope you are blushing as you read this, but it was the first indication that you actually miss me. You googled our names! Together. Awww.

Ok, enough. I am a being totally cheese-mosa right now, and I know that, but I thought it was so cute of him to do.

OH YEAH!!! So you know how I mentioned that I saw Meadow from the Sopranos last night, well ... I sent the tip into Gawker, and guess who's tip made it in!!! MINE!!! So bloody cool, no? I have the link to Gawker on the right, so you should check it out.

I will be home in two weeks. I can’t believe this adventure is almost over! Harp – is it ok that I am getting a little sentimental now??


Thursday, July 20, 2006

What do I have to say ....

Well in reality, nothing much. I had a good day at work, and some girlfriends of mine and I went out for a little happy hour action ... again. It wasn't quite the shit show the last time was, we were all relatively well behaved. And I am home at a decent hour.

Went out with a girlfriend from work afterwards. I love Ruthie. She is young, but cool as hell. We hung out at the Gansvoort, again. But this time we were in the basement '- G Spa. Anyways, it was totally cool. I saw Jamie Lynn Seigler there - Meadow from the Sopranos. Oh to be too cool to have fun.

I also met this guy with a shirt that I have. I am sure some of you know the one, the Appetite for Reduction Shirt. So I mentioned how I had the same one, and apparently the guy wearing it, was the one who designed it. I don't know if I believe it or not, but I can lie and say I did, and have a good time with it.

We apparently met some football players. Meh. They just don't do it for me anymore. I mean, once upon a time, in a land far far away, a black man who said he was a baller would have totally turned my crank. Now, I am just waiting for the chance to leave, without feeling obligated to talk to them/him.

Ok, so that is all. I hope everyone had a great Thursday, and remember the weekend is not that far away!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ahhh ... that's better

Today was MUCH better. Work was good. A little tedious at times (I had to staple and stuff 41 press kits for the inagural El Al flight from LA to Tel Aviv). The job of an intern is never done! I also finally finished my pitch letter for the financial publications regarding Alberta. I LOVE talking about Alberta! There is something so comforting in knowing what the hell you are talking about ... Edmonton IS better than Calgary, Slave Lake IS beautiful, Fort McMurray WOULD be an interesting story for a financial paper to do. When you know so little, it is reassuring to know that the little knowledge you have might be useful to someone. Even if it is about Alberta.

I walked home again today. It was finally NOT a zillion degrees out, and walking was again bearable. I ended up at in front of The Plaza and right next to Central Park. One of the prettiest things I have seen thus far is the fountain in front of The Plaza. Its just so bloody nice. I was tempted to take a carriage ride through the park, but I forgot my camera, so that will have to wait. I walked home along 5th Avenue, and through Madison Square Park. I am not going to lie, I love 'name dropping' with where I have been and the things that I am seeing. I was talking to Jarod on the phone as I was walking, and I could hear a little jealousy in his voice. ADMIT IT!!! A good 40 block walk, in heels no less! I LOVE IT!!!

I ran into my version of a crack dealer today - the shoe salesmen. Kenneth Cole was having a monster sale and like a moth to the flame, I was drawn in. My poor mom is coming here in a couple weeks and I have already made her aware of the fact that I NEED ANOTHER SUITCASE!!! So she will hopefully bring an extra one, b/c the shoe count is now up to ... 12! I have an addiction (well a few, but this one is definitely the most costly). There are really cute, and they were on sale and I sound pathetic.

I have also stopped eating dinner. Is this a huge deal? I usually eat a really big lunch, and then just too lazy to eat again. Meh, whatever gets me into a smaller size will work for me.

As most of you know, I have been pseudo-published. I recently emailed a writer at the Journal talking about a blog posting she had of NY and how much I liked it. She posted the email and a link to this, here blog. Kinda cool hey? Well I thought it was. I emailed it to everyone I know. God, how did I become such a loser? Here I sit at my BLOG and I am wondering how I became a loser. I have to stop! I was cool once. Well my mom thought I was. She doesn't anymore, but what does she know? Here is a link to my first published piece:

I also just wanted to give a shout out to my peeps overseas. Eve, Harp, Big Daddy & Camille. I hope your adventures are treating you well. I miss you all horribly, and have no idea when I will be able to see you guys next. I hate that feeling. I also have to admit I got a little homesick yesterday. And it is all the fault of Jarod, Anne & Brandy. I don't think it's fair that you guys are hanging out without me. NOT COOL!

I appreciate the extra posts. Seriously, without them, this blog feels useless. And useless cyberspace junk is not what this world needs.

Tej - I miss you too (there, you have been mentioned!)

Take care everyone! I hope today treated you well, and I will talk to you soon!

I'm outtie!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Try and stay positive

Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. I have nothing else to say. Today kicked my ass. The heat, work, EVERYTHING! It truly felt like the universe was conspiring against me today.

I hope you guys had an ok day. It is days like today that make me miss you guys so much. I want to go for a walk in the river valley, listen to something other than my own frustrations. ARGH!!!

Ok, I will post something tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a little bit more upbeat. God do I hope it is more upbeat tomorrow.

I am trying to stay positive. Really I am.


PS. If y'all are out there, post some comments!!! I had to ask Paul to post some today so I felt as though this blog wasn't totally useless andthat someone in the world was reading it!!! COME ON!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bad girls, bad girls, what cha gonna do? - obligatory wife beater included

That is right. I was put in handcuffs by the NYPD today. There was no excessive violence or anything like that, just a drunk and beligerent Iris getting the cuffs put on.

Haha, I love that picture. The real story is that the group I am here with went to a Yankees game. (more on that later) The cop in my section was super nice, and as I was leaving, I explained to him that I would LOVE it if he could throw the handcuffs on me and let my girlfriend take a picture. Hilarious. He was really nice, and I should remind you all that I am generally scared of the 5-0.

The Yankees game was fun. It was at least 90 degrees and we were right in the sun. So what was the only thing to do? Drink beer! When in Rome right? So I had a couple (four) heroin beers, hot dogs, chicken fingers and Cracker Jacks. I felt so white trash I LOVED IT!!!

Boy do Americans love them some baseball. As I mentioned in my previous post, I don't get it. I couldn't tell you what the final score was, or even if there were any highlights. All I know is that, I was in Yankee Stadium and for me, that is pretty cool. As I mentioned before, I think the Yankees represent everything that is wrong with professional sports today. High salaries, free-agency ridiculousness, trading rather than drafting. I HATE THE YANKEES!! When they were announcing the line-up for the White Sox, guess what they - the Evil Yankees - were playing? The Imperial Death March! The irony of this was not lost on me.

Overall, I had a lot of fun today. The subway ride was hell ... seriously. Imagine the most packed train, constantly getting more people on it, and stopping at every station. It was hell. And it was like a 45 minute ride. Hellish.

Here are the rest of the pics from today. I hope y'all had a good Saturday. I am pretty sure I did.


Temptation - New Order

Another song title - one of my favorite New Order songs of all time!

I am sorry for the lack of blogs this week. As I have mentioned before, I am a believer in balance and excitement is best balanced by calm. So when exciting things are happening, I generally wait for EVERYTHING to be 100% for sure before mentioning it. So that being said, this week has been full of possibility, but no real concrete action to discuss ... hence the lack of posts.

What have I done this week ... you heard about the bowling. The next day, well it was interesting. I didn't get much sleep the night before. I had a meeting that I was very nervous about, and my busy head kept me up. So I required a nap after work. No dinner for me, just sleep.

Woke up from my nap, rejuvenated and very disoriented. My roomates were all gone! WHAT!? The dorm was all mine for a brief moment in time?! Fabulous. As I started dancing around in my underwear out of unbridled excitement, I called (actually texted) a friend of mine. We went for some champagne in the Meatpacking District. It was a beautiful night, and the company was appreciated. Despite me loving my alone time, I also enjoy the opportunity to have a real conversation with someone. I often feel that is lacking in my daily interactions with people, especially a lot of the people I live with. Although I love my roomates, they are great, and the interns I am working with are a lot of fun.

We then walked around the MPD (I am not typing it all out) and made our way to one of the quietest streets (at least I think so) in the city. So peaceful. We then went for a little late-night snack and went on out merry ways.

Yesterday night was a write-off. After 3 hours of sleep on Wed. night, and then about 2 hours of sleep Thur. night, sleep was the only thing on my mind Friday night. (No seriously, I was dunzo!)

So I was thinking about this the other day after Brandy was telling me how annoying it is that I only got a celly when I came here. There was a good reason I didn't have one in Edmonton. Because a) I didn't REALLY need one - if you were unable to get a hold of me, there was likely a reason for it and b) I knew I would become addicted to it - I am texting all the time, calling people, when I don't need to, answering the phone when before there would only be messages left on my house phone. And call waiting. As many of you also know, I lived in the dark ages in Edmonton. No call waiting. I HATE being put on hold or dropped for someone else. (Do you all remember the Seinfeld epi about Elaine dropping her friend for Jerry and his reaction to it) HATES IT!!! So I refused to pay Telus for this service. Did you know that cell phones have it automatically? Is that not crazy. I am still not comfortable with it. The beeping in your ear, the disruption of a good conversation and the frustration of not being able to switch over (when in reality, you should just check the caller id and then ignore if possible) Call waiting is INFURIATING!!!!

Well enough of my little rant for today, I am going to jump in the shower and check out a Yankees game. I think baseball is like pulling teeth, but a little beer should help me take the inning after inning of this non-sport (I know I have had the discussion/debate with most of you regarding the inclusion of baseball in the 'sports' genre. It is a pasttime. Hobby if you will. The only athlete on a baseball team is the pitcher. FLAT OUT! But Yankees Stadium should be interesting. (I am sure the discussion about how the Yankees represent everything that is wrong with professional sports today has also come up) I can guarantee, I will NOT be bringing either of those conversations up today. I would like to make it out of Yankees Stadium alive and well ... not to mention a little drunk.

Can someone look up the number for the Betty Ford Clinic? I think I am going to need it when I return, and my body goes into shock for the lack of alcohol no longer entering my body! Anyone want to join me??

Alright ... Iris stinks and she needs a shower!

Stay clean!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Is 46 a good score??

Yesterday was fairly low-key, but a lot of fun. A couple of girlfriends and I decided to go bowling yesterday. We had a great time. It was the same bowling alley that Carrie and Big went to when they were trying to figure out what was going on. I had a killer time! I suck obviously. I mean my high score was 62 so I am obviously not good. But fun was had by all.

Nothing really interesting today either. Walked home, I hope that all this walking is going to get me skinny! If I am not looking like an Ethopian when I get home, I am going to be pissed!!!

Ok, enough of my superficiality. I am going to go to bed. I was on the phone with this crazy Korean till 3 am last night. I know, I know I am totally lame. But I am so tuckered out.

Keep your nose to the grindstone!