Friday, April 30, 2010

Priority: High

I went to Hawaii this weekend. Yes, it is extravagant for a weekend trip, but the flight prices were cheap, and because it was a family vaycay, I didn't have to pay for anything else.

This weekend has been all kinds of ups and downs.

Up because I got to see all of my immediate family and a good chunk of my extended family.

Up because my nieces and nephews (two of each) are the most awesome kidlettes ever. The kidlettes and I were Team Awesome all weekend. My 1 year old niece was trying to scream my name for the last two days. My 4 year old nephew said I was his girlfriend and tried to stay up all night so he wouldn't miss a minute with me. My 6 year old niece wore her Canada sweater with pride and was fucking awesome-sauce.

Down because it was so short.

Down because Monday was spent in front of a computer working. As these nieces and nephews of mine were on the beach, yelling for me I was forced to deal with a 'client issue'.

Normally, I don't mind working from home, but this was not home. This was a house on Oahu's North Shore. This was time that I was supposed to have with my family that I don't get to hang with much.

This was MY time.

My family understands the reality of mortality and this weekend made me realize: at any point, any one of these people might not be here. And should they stop being here I would be left with nothing but regrets for not spending Monday frolicking on the beach with the cutest half-breed kids in the world.

So, this weekend left me with one nagging question: where the fuck are my priorities?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dood's Weekend Eve

Tomorrow, my best dood, Smelly, comes for our annual Dood's Weekend.

I know I've talked about Smelly before, but I don't think I've ever told you about him.

  • His name isn't really Smelly.
  • We met in 1996. Yes, you read that right. 1996. It's mind blowing right? Soon, we will have known each other for more than half of our lives. What?!
  • He was actually my grad date, although we went out separate ways after the dance - in fact, I don't think we even danced together. 
  • We have never shared anything more than platonic exchanges. Although he gave me a gas pedal two weeks before grad, and that wasn't very friendly. Jerk. 
  • When I came home from New York, he drove my car to Calgary to fetch me and drive home with me. 
  • After high school, we almost stopped being friends because his girlfriend didn't like me. 
  • I've asked him to leave before. 
  • He got me a boyfriend once. The guy wasn't a good boyfriend, but Smelly made that one happen. 
  • He is a total guy, without being a total guy about it. I mean, he loves all things boys should like - hockey, camping, etc - but he isn't a macho douche. 
  • He once told me I looked like a lesbian. 
  • He is possibly the best dood anyone could ask for. 
That last one isn't even an exaggeration - Smelly has stuck by me for 14 years. It hasn't mattered what I say to him or tell him, he says his piece and then moves on. He's pretty awesome like that. 

Smelly (left) and I at my 25th birthday. 

We are doing our 3rd Annual Dood's Weekend in style. Thur - Sun will be spent over a table and Catan, I'm sure, Monday we are going to Miike Snow and Tuesday we are going to The xx (yes, I'm giving them one last chance). 

It's going to be all kinds of awesome. 

Friday, April 02, 2010

Chag Kashruth Pesach

This past week marked a little milestone for me - my first real-life Passover experience, with God's Chosen People and all!

You see, my girlfriend invited me to celebrate Passover with her and her family. I was the only Gentile in attendance. It was a full evening's worth of food, prayer, singing and wine.

And let me tell you, Sarin's mom can cook! I got matza ball soup, tapas and spreads of every variety, so many main course options it was like a restaurant and some serious dessert yumminess.

Also, I totally got to see Sarin get her Jew on - she was singing, and praying and everything! She refused to put on her traditional Passover clothes, which was a little mean of her, but whatever.

I felt like I was meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time - I was nervous and excited and well, I'm really grateful to these people for having Sarin -  and I wanted to make a good impression.

Anyways, just a little shout-out to Sarin and her familia - thanks for the Passover goodness. It was totally the best Passover meal I've ever had.