Monday, September 18, 2006

So, how are you feeling today?

Like jumping off a bridge. First off, as I mentioned previously, my life is in limbo. Second, my favorite football team, the Oakland Raiders, are going down the drain. Third, I have no car. I am stuck at home a lot now because I sold my car, and it is too freaking cold in Edmonton right now to walk anywhere. (Ok, that is not necessarily true, but all of my wintery/warm stuff is in my apartment in NY) Fourth, I apparently suck at fantasy football. I am truly horrible. Every player I put in decides they don't want to do anything for that game! WTF!! A defensive battle between Denver and KC? That should never happen.

On the upside, I am currently tied for second in my picks pool, which makes me happy. I think I am the only girl in the pool, so at least I will be able to look back at this bleak period and think in my head, "For the first two weeks of the 2006 NFL season, I was in second place".

Wow! That really cheered me up.

Oh yeah, Paul sometimes comes up with some good shit. I was online and he sent me this link to this You Tube thing. The group is Ok Go. This is a good example of a really innovative marketing. I am now willing to go and check these guys out in concert and stuff. Here is the video. There is another one here.

Seriously, what is with this weather?



GURGOAT said...

Don't jump off the bridge yet!! Boakland still has 14 games left in the season... thats 14 more heart breaks!!! JOKING!!!

Iris... I too am going through some sad times as I watch my hero Brett struggle with the TERRIBLE Green Bay Packers. I think if we combined the Oakland defense with the Green Bay offense... they might be able to field a team against the Eskimos. Man are our teams BRUTAL. I think there are College teams that can beat them. We will be fighting it out for the numero uno draft pick of 2007.

On that note... the only thing that made me feel so happy over the weekend was Chad's St Louis Rams losing against the 49ers. St Louis is also a TERRIBLE team.

Your fantasy team will begin to improve. Still 14 games left in the season!!

Hang in there Iris... everything happens for a reason. I'm cheering for the Iris's... GO IRIS GO!!! The only direction you can go is up!!!

Eve said...

you should come to cali!! the weather is still nice. Seriously.. come visit!

Iris said...

If only I could come to Cali. I have to get back to NYC to make that even possible. I will let you know if I find anything out, and if you should make plans to come and fetch me from the airport.

Eve said...

does this mean i might have to clear the oatmeal out of my trunk?