Saturday, July 15, 2006

Temptation - New Order

Another song title - one of my favorite New Order songs of all time!

I am sorry for the lack of blogs this week. As I have mentioned before, I am a believer in balance and excitement is best balanced by calm. So when exciting things are happening, I generally wait for EVERYTHING to be 100% for sure before mentioning it. So that being said, this week has been full of possibility, but no real concrete action to discuss ... hence the lack of posts.

What have I done this week ... you heard about the bowling. The next day, well it was interesting. I didn't get much sleep the night before. I had a meeting that I was very nervous about, and my busy head kept me up. So I required a nap after work. No dinner for me, just sleep.

Woke up from my nap, rejuvenated and very disoriented. My roomates were all gone! WHAT!? The dorm was all mine for a brief moment in time?! Fabulous. As I started dancing around in my underwear out of unbridled excitement, I called (actually texted) a friend of mine. We went for some champagne in the Meatpacking District. It was a beautiful night, and the company was appreciated. Despite me loving my alone time, I also enjoy the opportunity to have a real conversation with someone. I often feel that is lacking in my daily interactions with people, especially a lot of the people I live with. Although I love my roomates, they are great, and the interns I am working with are a lot of fun.

We then walked around the MPD (I am not typing it all out) and made our way to one of the quietest streets (at least I think so) in the city. So peaceful. We then went for a little late-night snack and went on out merry ways.

Yesterday night was a write-off. After 3 hours of sleep on Wed. night, and then about 2 hours of sleep Thur. night, sleep was the only thing on my mind Friday night. (No seriously, I was dunzo!)

So I was thinking about this the other day after Brandy was telling me how annoying it is that I only got a celly when I came here. There was a good reason I didn't have one in Edmonton. Because a) I didn't REALLY need one - if you were unable to get a hold of me, there was likely a reason for it and b) I knew I would become addicted to it - I am texting all the time, calling people, when I don't need to, answering the phone when before there would only be messages left on my house phone. And call waiting. As many of you also know, I lived in the dark ages in Edmonton. No call waiting. I HATE being put on hold or dropped for someone else. (Do you all remember the Seinfeld epi about Elaine dropping her friend for Jerry and his reaction to it) HATES IT!!! So I refused to pay Telus for this service. Did you know that cell phones have it automatically? Is that not crazy. I am still not comfortable with it. The beeping in your ear, the disruption of a good conversation and the frustration of not being able to switch over (when in reality, you should just check the caller id and then ignore if possible) Call waiting is INFURIATING!!!!

Well enough of my little rant for today, I am going to jump in the shower and check out a Yankees game. I think baseball is like pulling teeth, but a little beer should help me take the inning after inning of this non-sport (I know I have had the discussion/debate with most of you regarding the inclusion of baseball in the 'sports' genre. It is a pasttime. Hobby if you will. The only athlete on a baseball team is the pitcher. FLAT OUT! But Yankees Stadium should be interesting. (I am sure the discussion about how the Yankees represent everything that is wrong with professional sports today has also come up) I can guarantee, I will NOT be bringing either of those conversations up today. I would like to make it out of Yankees Stadium alive and well ... not to mention a little drunk.

Can someone look up the number for the Betty Ford Clinic? I think I am going to need it when I return, and my body goes into shock for the lack of alcohol no longer entering my body! Anyone want to join me??

Alright ... Iris stinks and she needs a shower!

Stay clean!



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