Sunday, November 19, 2006

Iris Ain't Got No Love for the West Coast??

This is a quote from Snoop Dogg. It was right before the whole Biggie/Tupac fiasco, and while I am no Snoop D O double G, I don't have any love for the west coast. I hate the west coast in fact. They are all going to get swallowed up by a big earthquake, (seriously, NBC did a made for tv movie about it a couple years ago) and then Alberta will finally be the coastal province it was meant to be.

Ok, so that is not the only reason I hate the west coast. I don't know, I have always imagined myself as an east coast kinda girl. I like TO better than Van, I like NY better than LA. (I like dental appointments more than I like LA) and the RAIN! How do people deal with it?? I am very controlled by the weather and rain messes me up more than anything. Give me four inches of snow rather than a bunch of rain. Although I do love walking in the rain, there is something almost cleansing about it, but I don't shower regularly, so maybe that is it.

Ok, I do this a lot to you guys, I know, but I need at least 10 good reasons why Vancouver is a decent major city to live in. I think it is a bit of a joke. I mean come on! What the hell good has EVER come out of Van? And no, I don't want the ocean and the mountains to be counted as reasons. Those are bullshit, you don't become a cool city b/c you are lucky enough to have those surrounding you. Slave Lake isn't cool b/c of the lake ... same thing!

So send in all those reasons, however few there may be. I going through some heavy shit right now and need some help making a decision with my life.

Thanks dudes!



Eve said...

hello - you will be SO CLOSE to me!!! Long weekend trips will be sooo easy!!! Isnt that reason enough?

Anonymous said...

Vancouver is a joke - YIKES, I had no idea you felt that bad about it - boy oh boy I can't wait for Wednesday - I'm scared!!!!!!!
What can sell you on Vancouver, yesterday I was walking down 4th with no jacket on drinking bottled water (yes our water is contaminated - please don't judge!!) people are laid back, and yes we have a beautiful ocean and mountains - oh yeah and the most important thing - ME!!!!!!!
Wow - sorry for the "book" I just wrote...


Anonymous said...

1 more thing - you are going into PR work, what better place to be in than Vancouver, were having a little event called the OLYMPICS!!

p said...

well, the b.c.lions have won the grey cup for times, and the canuckleheads have made it to the finals a whopping two times.

vancouver is like a quasi-city of champions!

really, nothing good has come out of vancouver except for rumble in the bronx.

you're better off in winnipeg.

p said...


don't know how i screwed that one up.

maybe you should go to van

Ronnie A said...

1 very good reason:
Vancouver has North America's only Legal Injection Site. Damn, I think I'm sold now.

Jarod said...