Sunday, August 30, 2009

On the Verge

Tonight, I saw Dan Mangan at the Eastside Cultural Centre.

If you haven't heard of Dan, well, I am confident you will soon.

He has been the week's media darling, being everywhere from CBC Radio 3 to the cover of the Georgia Straight. His new cd - Nice Nice, Very Nice - is fucking awesome, and has been on heavy rotation since Josh gave me the cd a few weeks ago (which I promptly went out and bought because it is so good).

It has also gone into heavy rotation on the computers of my cubicle-mate, another co-worker and Sarin.

There is something just totally likable about this dude - he seems like a genuinely nice guy and well, who doesn't want to root for the nice guy.

But back to the show - holy moly was it good. Two encores (well, one was mini, but still), like an 8 piece band backing him at times and all in this really lovely location.

Now, this may be all glow because it was HELL getting the tickets to go to the show. I forgot to buy them, my friend Ash came through, we drove to Aldergrove to get the tickets. Josh came through at the last minute, like the rockstar he is, and Sarin was able to come too.

Fucking brilliant and I really think, this dude is going to do some really cool shit. I just don't see how else it would work out.

Seriously - this video is from two years ago - he has only gotten better.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Totally worth it

How do you put into words your worth?

How do you articulate all the intangible qualities that make you you?

And when someone doesn't recognize your worth, how long do you stay? How long do you sit around and let this person or situation take advantage of you, solely for their benefit?

I have mentioned I am very loyal - to a fault in fact a lot of times - and I struggle with cutting ties and ending relationships. What if I have more to learn / gain / enjoy out of it?

So my question to my 10 readers - how do you know when enough is enough and to just walk away? How do you know when a situation is toxic enough that the best option for you is to remove yourself from it?


Because I am not really sure I know that point. When I have broken up with friends before, it was long after the relationship had turned toxic. Boyfriends, well, rarely am I the breaker-upper. And jobs, up until this one, I have only had jobs that were 'replaceable'.


Sometimes, I wish there was just a magic button you could push to get all the answers. How fucking lovely would that be?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wake-up Call

I used to set them all the time. But I always hated receiving them.

I hate waking up. But today, I kinda got an unexpected wake-up call.

Today, something happened (I won't go into the details here) that made me think about my life and my immediate future.

Not in a deep, reflective sorta way, but thinking nonetheless.

I was thinking about Vancouver. Whether or not this is the place for me. Whether or not I would be willing to leave it tomorrow, if the situation warranted. Whether or not I would be willing to apply and take the job for $60k a year - despite that being considerably more money than I will see for years. Whether or not I am ok with losing the ties I have here, however loose they may be.

And when I was done thinking, I realized I am not really ready to leave Vancouver. That I am starting to have a little life here - with people I generally quite like, things I enjoy doing, and routines I have gotten used to.

For so long, Vancouver was tied to P3 - and that isn't the case anymore. No longer does every god-damn-thing remind me of him.

Thank fucking god.

Oh, on a lighter note, I was outside for my afternoon ciggie today and received a you-can-be-saved type pamphlet.


Know your target audience.

Friday, August 07, 2009

I had no idea

That Wes Anderson, creator of some of my favorite movies of all time (Royal Tenenbaums, Steve Zissou, Bottle Rocket) is behind the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I know it's been a while. I have been writing on other blogs and neglecting this one. I apologize.

I promise to be better. Seriously.