Friday, July 21, 2006

What do you do? I google.

So this will be the most random posting to date, but I have to do it.

Yesterday, I came home between happy hour and going out again, and was chatting the Jarod on MSN. He sent me a link.

Now I have to preface this all with a little background - Jarod is possibly the best googler that I know. If you need some information, call Jarod and he will find you anything that you need. If it is on the web, Jarod will locate it. Brilliant, truly brilliant.

I have also been very concerned that he hasn’t been missing me since I have been here. He and Paul (my two best dudes) have both seem completely unaffected by the lack of Iris they are getting. I just hope this is their macho façade coming out, and they are really crying themselves to sleep at night without me.

I shall continue. So Jarod sends me a link that he found – here is the link

If you scroll down, the names of a couple of the saxophone players are … Jarod and Iris.

I know how ridic you are all thinking this is, and Jarod I hope you are blushing as you read this, but it was the first indication that you actually miss me. You googled our names! Together. Awww.

Ok, enough. I am a being totally cheese-mosa right now, and I know that, but I thought it was so cute of him to do.

OH YEAH!!! So you know how I mentioned that I saw Meadow from the Sopranos last night, well ... I sent the tip into Gawker, and guess who's tip made it in!!! MINE!!! So bloody cool, no? I have the link to Gawker on the right, so you should check it out.

I will be home in two weeks. I can’t believe this adventure is almost over! Harp – is it ok that I am getting a little sentimental now??



Anonymous said...

You can say that but I dont know how you are goıng to deal wıth all the tears from BD. He ıs stıll cryıng "He(jarod) and Paul (my two best dudes)" Ouch OUCH. hehehe. just jokıng! Love that Jarod ıs such a sap!


Iris said...

BD is not one of my best dudes. He is my best Big Daddy. There is a whole other realm that he is in. Don't think I won't steal him from you!!!

Anonymous said...



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