Sunday, February 08, 2009

Vacation Day!

Ok, not really.

Saturday I had to get up really early and work an event in Port Coquitlam - it is a suburb of Vancouver, that is all you really need to know.

So, I went, I worked, I was pooped. While I was working, however, I received four calls and two texts from Priscilla.

Have I told you about her? She and I went to the PR program together, she was friends with one of Smelly's exes and we worked together for a while out here. Us working together was the most fun ever. It was great. We come from a similar school of thought (on a lot of things, not just work) anyways, I won't talk about her too much, in case she reads this, but Priscilla is good shit.

I digress, so she stalked my ass and convinced me, after I had been working since 8 am, to go out to another event in Surrey.

She lured me in with the promise of treats and friends and that was all it took - off to Surrey we went.

We got lost, went shopping, crossed a couple of bridges, saw some mountains and some really trashy people - the whole 'Surrey' thing isn't just a stereotype.

I had a killer time. And I wasn't expecting to at all. Not only that, I didn't want to go and only did it because I felt bad making her go by herself.

Fucking Priscilla. I could have been sleeping.