Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What a long, strange trip it's been

So I was very excited / sad to come back to NYC. I love the city, but I was also leaving a major part of my life back in Edmonton. So Paul pushes me on a plane and I begin my journey.

By the time I get to Toronto, I am just ready to be in New York. I mean, there is pizza that needs to be eaten right!? SO I call my mom to let her know that I am bored and in T.O. She lets me know that HR has called and informed me that I am unable to start on Tuesday b/c of difficulties with my visa. ARGH! WHY! I could have been at home in Edm for longer? This sucks.

So I get to NY and spend the first day by myself in my new apartment. I was so tired, that watching about NY is the only thing I can do. This was accomplished through Seinfeld DVDs. My mom came the next day and we set everything up and ran various errands.

On Thursday Jarod came for a visit. First night, we went to Esthero. She is a Canadian electro-pop artist who ROCKS! She was seriously amazing. And I got to see JOHN LEGEND!!! You know, the guy who sings Ordinary People, Used to Love You. Great show, cool venue. We then went for some late-night Italian in Little Italy. The next day we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and I took him to the Gansevoort Hotel to show him the amazing view. We then ended up at this awesome club dancing our butts off till 5 in the AM. Saturday was spent recuperating from Friday night and walking around lower Manhattan. We hit the Statue of Liberty and had a great dinner in SoHo. Sunday was busy. We went to lower Manhattan to re-capture a picture he had taken years ago. We then went to Markt for brunch. (I was trying to have another Bizarro Jarod experience but he was not to be found) We then went for a long walk in Central Park, tried to hit a couple museums, but they were all closed early. We then went to this club I had first been to with Autumn. Le Souk. The second I walked into the place the first time, I thought Jarod. And here we are TOGETHER! He totally dug it and well, I just felt super cool for even knowing about it. I rule! We then bought some pizza and beer and walked home drinking beer from brown paper bags! We are trash. The next day we went to the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Artists. Small but interesting. Jarod then went to the Guggenheim and I went home to clean a little before heading to Texas for my aunt's b'day and to get out of a funk that is too far deep!

So there it is. This blog is not dead, it was just on hold b/c I had no access to a computer! I felt like I was in the stone ages, and not the good kind. ARGH! I never realized how co-dependent I was on my comp. How do people find out about random things? Get addresses? Write on blogs? AHH!!!

Well when I return I will have my comp with me and all will return to normal. Long ass posts like this will not be necessary b/c I will resume posting everyday again.

So I have a discussion for you guys - the MTV Music Video Awards are going to be in NYC in a couple of weeks, and I want to get in to some of the parties. Any ideas how I should go about doing this? Let me know yo!

Let's hug it out!



Anonymous said...

hustle the little people. it's like hustling the sound guy at a concert. it's real easy........


Ronnie A said...

First of all, it's good to have my fellow nerdy blogger back. I went through a bit of blogdrawal.

As for getting into MTV Music Awards, just tell them you're OFFISHAL. I'm sure any friend of the Card man is a friend of theirs.

Iris said...

Haha, but you were always my bait Lis. Hey, wanna hang out with us, I will throw in my pretty friend if you get us in!!

Card has put out a restraining order against me. I guess standing outside his bedroom for weeks on end made him a little uncomf. Weird, I love it when guys to that to me.