Friday, August 04, 2006

Two Months Already!!!

I know I have been sad a lot since I have been here. Mainly because I have been missing all of you guys, but my first two-month installment of NY is complete. And when I return in a week, I will be a full-fledged New Yorker. Can you imagine?! Me, little old me, living in NY! Amazing. I still can’t believe it.

These first two months have been incredible. I know my lifestyle will not be the same when I return. I will not be able to buy 12 pairs of shoes in 2 months regularly. I will not be able to go and spend a whole lotta money on brunch b/c I am a little bored. I will not have to escape the horrors of the NYU dorm b/c I now have a place of my own (a place I really like too) I am excited to actually live in this city, and not feel like a tourist.

But as of this moment in time, I am most excited to come home!! I will be home this weekend for about a week. Paul has kindly offered to DRIVE to Calgary to pick me up (why was Paul the only one of you guys to offer? Jerks) I am excited to sleep in my bed, and to go for a walk in the river valley. But I am super duper excited to see you guys!!! I have mentioned this before, but I am a co-dependent mess and going for this long without my friends hasn’t always been easy.

I told Chunk last night, that these past two months have both flown by and dragged on. In some ways it feels as though I JUST got here. I remember walking into the dorm, getting acquainted with the Union Square area and discovering how close SOHO was. But in other ways it feels as though these past eight weeks have been more like eight months.

So, like I said in my email, I do hope to see all of you in the next week. Some more than others (Everyone more than Lisa)

I will be home soon!


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