Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Enjoy the Silence

Ok, I am not listening to Depeche Mode right now, but I am doing exactly that. Enjoying the silence. I went for a walk yesterday in Hawrelak Park. Got down to the river, sat there for a while and heard nothing but a couple of dogs barking and birds chirping. Trippy man!!

NY doesn't have quiet like this. It is incredible. I was annoyed this morning when I heard sirens! Sirens are all I hear in NY and here they are disrupting my quiet so I am frustrated. How funny!

Oh, and the joys of not having roomates, or anyone around! I really did like my roomies, however, I have lived alone since I was 17. That is almost a decade of alone time. A girl kinda gets used to it, you know?

AND I have options here! Friend options I mean. I don't have to rely on the same people / person. I have options!

Can anyone explain to me why I am willing to pack up and move from here? What the hell am I thinking?? Am I drunk? Ok, not at this very second, but I probably will be at some time today.

Today I my boyfriend and his boyfriend are cooking me breakfast!! They make fantastic breakies. I am bringing champagne so there better be OJ for mimosas!!! When on vacation, breakfast ain't breakfast without a little hooch. If I were on a beach and it were pina coladas, no one would be judging me, and I don't think its cool that you are right now!

Anyone know the number for a cab here? I will need one to return from breaky.

Shhh ....


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