Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tourist Day in Edmonton

Most people are never tourists in their own city. I had never really done the whole tourist thing in Edmonton before, but yesterday, my friend Steve suggested going on the Edmonton Ghost Tour. For $5 we got to walk around Old Strathcona for an hour and listen to a Newfie talk about the woman with the long black "here" - she was trying to say hair. Well the tour wasn't that great, but it was fun to get out and to walk around and to hang with Paul, Michelle and Steve.

During the day, well that was freaking fantastic! I went for lunch with my girlfriends. It was ab fab. I was drunk all day ... I am on vacation, do not judge me. You would think nothing of it if I was on a beach somewhere, so I am pretending that my balcony is a beach. Whatever.

Lis, Autumn, Chunk and I went to Da De O's for lunch. I love Da De O's. For all the times I have been, I have only ever ordered the crab cake po' boy with sweet potatoe fries .... mmmm ... sweet potatoe fries. Then we walked around Whyte Ave, shopping and hanging. It was a fantastic day in the City of Champions.

I realized it as soon as I drove into the city ... it isn't going to be easy to leave here. Logically, it should be an easy move. Edmonton to NY. Who cares right? But I LOVE Edmonton. This has been my home for 12 years now. Leaving this city and the amazing people that are here for me to depend on is going to break my heart. And I am not just saying that.

I think Paul is posting about our day yesterday, so you might want to check out his site to compare notes. Also, Ron is now in Korea. I have added his blog too. Email him, post comments, help him realize that we all love him and miss him too. (Which we do RBA! You are the MAN!!)

Ok, gotta go play chauffeur to Kim Jong Il. Well not really, but she is half North Korean.

Hasta la Vista!



GURGOAT said...

You were in Calgary?!?!?

Anonymous said...


God - now you have me worried that I am going to be in the fetal position crying all weekend after coming for a visit from Vancouver!! I was hoping to come back and be like - what did I ever see in Edmonton - yeah right, I do miss it and know this will be a hard trip - talk to you on Thursday, can't wait to see you :)

Iris said...

I was in Calgary for all of 20 minutes. I landed and then drove to Edm. It was like midnight, so I didn't think it would be ok to call. Sorry dude!

Nikki, so excited for our breakfast date.

Ronnie A said...

Preach on sista. E-town is da best town!

GURGOAT said...