Monday, July 24, 2006

First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes

So, I gave into the future of chats today. You see, yesterday morning, I almost cried when I got to see Harp for the first time in eigth months. She left for her world adventure in January and I have been unable to see her face since then. You don't realize how much you miss seeing people and their facial expressions until you go so long without, and then you finally do!

So today, I went out and bought a webcam. I am hoping that more of you guys will do the same so we can video messenger each other. I know I will be home in two weeks, but come on! Give a girl a break!!!

Today was relatively uneventful. Just work and laundry. FINALLY LAUNDRY!!! Now I won't have to Febreeze everything before I put it on. Well, I will in a couple days, but till then, I am good to go. I have also discovered my FAVORITE pizza in the whole world. Fresh mozarrella. (sp?) Mmmm ... I eat it all the time ... which is possibly why I have not lost any weight since being here. Yup, that and the fact that I eat 8000 calories at brunch, eat late-night snacks all the time and just don't really care, that is definitely the reason why. Will you guys still love me when you have to grease the door to get me out of the house? Well, you better!

Alright, I have nothing else to say.

have a gooder!



Eve said...

iris dias- I miss you!!! my sister has a web cam and its totatly cool to see her as she types...its like having a real conversation! When are you going home to canada?

Iris said...

I will be home on the 5th. That is soo funny b/c I was just about to post a comment on your blog complaining about the fact that you haven't posted on mine!!!

Anonymous said...

I thınk you were just happy to see me wıth spınach ın my teeth, lookıng lıke I was stoned everytıme the computer froze. Were you cryıng tears of laughter? Hehe. I am glad you enjoyed our chat, cant waıt for our next chat when I get to make fun of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Iris!!

I have a webcam - so it would be great to set it up, and as far as you gaining weight - I don't see it, if anything you can tell that New York definitly agrees with you!


Iris said...

Yeah right, the pizza and availabilty of food REALLY agrees with me! My 3-month-pregnant belly is looking VERY realistic lately!

p said...

i have nothing productive to add

Anonymous said...

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