Sunday, September 24, 2006

When the hell did we grow up?

I have started to wonder that lately. When did it happen? When did we jump from carefree, fun-lovin', living for the moment youth? When did we start to worry about our careers and money? When did we have to think about health care benefits and how we are going to buy a house or get married? When did these all become legitimate concerns in our daily lives?

I hate that I am now an adult. And I think it JUST happened. It really did feel like an overnight switch. I woke up one morning and my youth was dead. (Although, my youth did have a wonderful wake this past January)

We are now surrounded with "Be responsible. You have a job you might like, but will pay you more - stick with it." Forget that! I want to do the things that I LOVE!! So I crash and burn, at least I will wake up 10 years from now and realize that I gave it my all.

I have always thought that saying "You regret the things you don't do in life, not the things you do" is totally true! I don't regret buying those fabulous shoes, but let me tell ya' there is still regret about not buying a shirt five years ago. (I am a shallow puddle)

So that is my little rant for the day. Sometimes this shit just builds up and I need to vent. If you don't like it, well, stop reading this. Ok, no don't. I really like the blog counter going up.


P.S. I think I did CONSIDERABLY better in my fantasy league this week. YAY ME!!


p said...

you need to get back to new york. you're starting to ramble.

Iris said...

Glad to know you are happy to have me home. ASS!

p said...


call me tonight

sarah jayne said...

Iris! Ah, I have missed your blog. Do you know what else I missed? Seeing you in NYC! Let me tell you, it was not the same without you... and the saddest part is, I had to dismantle my "Sarah Sleeping on Iris' Floor in NYC" Blog, before it even got off the ground! But alas, what can you do?

Anonymous said...

growing up huh? yeah, it's unreal, try rolling over and remembering that you have two little boys running around...and it wasn't a dream...that's crazy.
Love ya and miss you.