Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weirdest Day EVER!

Well today was .... interesting.

I live my life in a manner that is sort of mundane. I go to work. I hang out with friends. Nothing in my day-to-day existence is spectacular. And today wasn't spectacular, but definitely out of the ordinary.

I started my day barely scraping myself out of bed. I think this past week of not sleeping has FINALLY caught up with me. I have slept more in the past two days than I have in the past two weeks. So that part was nice. I get out of bed and decide to go consignment shopping. The upper east side has some amazing consignment shops and they all carry these brands that are unheard of in Alberta. While I didn't find anything, I am sure I will, as there are many more to hit.

I then went to the midtown area and hit Rockefeller Center. I saw the tree. Let me tell ya, it is FREAKING HUGE! This thing looks like it has been growing for about a million years and the consumerism that is us has cut it down to decorate it and put it on display ,,, ANYWAYS. It was very pretty though, and the star on it was beautiful.

Well I continue on with my day and call a guy I met on the plane on the way here. Really nice guy, a little older, and seemingly cool. We decide to meet for drinks. On the way to meet him for drinks I sit down to relax for a minute. While I am relaxing, I meet another dude. Again, seemingly cool. So we exchange digies and I think all is good with the world.


I go for a drink with the guy I met on the plane. We are hanging out, having a good time and then he drops a bomb bigger than the bomb on Hiroshima ... he non-chalantly informs me he is MARRIED!!! WTF!!! No, What the fuck! How are you out on a date with me???? It obviously ends there, because I am far too big of a believer in karma to let this shit fuck me up.

I graciously leave, thank him for the drink and go on my merry way.

I then go and meet up with random guy on the street. First of all let me brag for a second. He is a Dolce and Gabanna model. He actually has a billboard that I saw. Holla ... I went out with a model!!!! AHHH

This is where the coolness ends. When he wants to "Go back to his place" and I saw no he actually says "You don't know what you are saying no to" ... Ummm, yeah I do and I think I just did say no to it. What is with these people?

No wonder dating is so hard. You meet a guy, and you think he is cool, sure a little old, but that hasn't stopped me before, and well, he is married. Then the next guy is a loser model. What the fuck! There is a reason I have remained single for all these years, and today was the culmination of all these reasons. I never want to meet a guy again! EVER!

Ok, that is a lie, but next time can they not be married and not be someone with the ego the size of the Nortwest Territories!?

Thanks! I appreciate it.



Ronnie A said...

It's good to see that you haven't sacrificed your principles in the midst of a dry spell. A lesser woman might have let D&G have his way with her. You're beautiful Iris, you can wait a littlke longer!

Eve said...

iris---- can you find the DG model online and send us all a link? I'd like to see exactly what you said no to, and then I'll make my judgement-- tee hee :)