Friday, December 29, 2006

Why Can This Family Not Take ONE Normal Picture

We did a lot of touristy stuff today. Top of the Rock, NBC Studio Tour, both VERY touristy. So you think when you do this stuff, you might get a couple of good photos right?

WRONG! At least not when you are a part of the Dias family. Dad apparently hates to look at the camera, mom seemingly doesn't like to smile when the camera is on here, and then there is me. I look like a toothy retard in almost every pic.

So what does that leave us with?

Here they are:

The last one is my favorite. Dad totally didn't get this whole concept of the self-picture (one of my personal favs). He was sooo confused!

The Top of the Rock was really quite cool. We got to see basically the whole city. NBC Tour was also really great. Saw the SNL Studios, the Dateline studios and a bunch of other NBC stuff. I was hoping to run into Peter Petrelli, but he wasn't around.

I then went to the airport to pick up Jarod and Steve. A seperate post is necessary to fully describe the Jarod, Steve and Iris portion of this trip.

I need sleep.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Effing Christmas

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Christmas? I hate most celebrated holidays, you know Easter, Valentines' Halloween. Hate'em!

This year was no different. Sure we were spending it in NYC, but this doesn't make this time of year any more exciting to me. Bah Hum Bug is my general disposition, and I am ok with this.

The one thing I was actually excited for was the Giants game yesterday. It was VERY cool to see how Americans celebrate this sport. Tailgating galore. There were at least 8,000 ppl in the parking lot drinking and pre-gaming for the game. Can you imagine?

The game itself sucked. The Giants were blown out, but let me tellya, Reggie Bush is one bad ass mother. He was pure football entertainment. Eli was a joke, and Shockey embarrassed himself. Meh, I didn't really care what happened, b/c no matter what, the Raiders weren't making it into the playoffs. (But #1 draft pick here we come!! YEAH BABY!!!)

That was the end of yesterday, ordered some cheap Chinese food in and just hung out.

Today was relaxing. Mom and Dad went to church, and understanding the fact that I neither believer in the Catholicism or religion in general, they didn't push. They came back, we hung out for a while and then went for dinner.

Because of poor planning skills, we didn't really have any idea where we were going. We had made resos at the Boathouse in Central Park, but we weren't really feeling it. So we went to the Meatpacking District. Initially, I thought we would walk around the West Village and find a cool restaurant, but it was raining and we ended up at Markt, AGAIN.

The food was great, as per usual, and dad liked it, which is rare, and he didn't complain about prices, which is UNHEARD OF!

All in all it was a good Christmas. I am thinking of converting to Constanzaism so, next year will be Festivus for me. Or at the very least Kwanza. I need a random holiday to validate my already random existence.

Now for the airing of grievances ... how is that different than any other day of the year??


Saturday, December 23, 2006

National Dias' New York Vacation

The majority of this trip is going to be spent with my family. Don't get me wrong, I adore my parents. They are good people with many quirks - which is probably where I get it from. Today was day one of the vacation. My father hasn't been to NYC since the 70's and doesn't really understand why I want to be here so badly. My mother gets it, as she was here earlier this summer.

Today began fairly normally. My family taking far too long to get ready and me being VERY hungover. We FINALLY go on our ways. We take the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge to see the WTC site, the NY Stock Exchange and Lower Manhattan. This is them in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is just so them. Mom trying to tell dad how to stand and to smile. Hahaha, they are ACTUALLY crazy.

We then made it down to Wall Street etc. Our trek to Battery Park we see the most random thing in the world, a turkey. A TURKEY! Wandering around Battery Park just hanging out.

After running into the turkey, we make our way up to Times Square. I HATE Times Square. It is crowded with tourists who move WAY too slow and don't realize they are in NY and that walking that slow is pissing people (me) off. But dad wanted to see it, so I sucked it up. We saw where we wanted to be for New Years and all of that. We then went to 5th Ave and Rockefeller Center. The tree is even prettier at night. Still a gross amount of consumerism, but what the hell right, it's all for Jesus' birthday.

I also got to see the displays at Bergdorf Goodman's. These displays are legendary, and they totally lived up to the expectations. Interesting displays that are intricate and perfect. The details are incredible.

Other than that, we had a nice day. I needed a break, and thank god for Brandy Chorney because she called at the perfect moment for me to take a break from my family.

I am pooped now and need to sleep. I got dad the best Christmas gift ever! We are going to the Giants-Saints game tomorrow. He is the one that introduced me to football and neither of us have ever been to an NFL game. His response to the tickets "Iris, there are serious playoff ramifications associated with this game" I love it. I really do think I might be the coolest daughter in the HISTORY of daughters. Haha, ok, probably not, but this is going to be killer fun. Tailgating, drinking in the middle day and watching some killer football.

I will post again tomorrow. Amazing how life becomes more interesting when on vacation.

Red 45, Red 45.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weirdest Day EVER!

Well today was .... interesting.

I live my life in a manner that is sort of mundane. I go to work. I hang out with friends. Nothing in my day-to-day existence is spectacular. And today wasn't spectacular, but definitely out of the ordinary.

I started my day barely scraping myself out of bed. I think this past week of not sleeping has FINALLY caught up with me. I have slept more in the past two days than I have in the past two weeks. So that part was nice. I get out of bed and decide to go consignment shopping. The upper east side has some amazing consignment shops and they all carry these brands that are unheard of in Alberta. While I didn't find anything, I am sure I will, as there are many more to hit.

I then went to the midtown area and hit Rockefeller Center. I saw the tree. Let me tell ya, it is FREAKING HUGE! This thing looks like it has been growing for about a million years and the consumerism that is us has cut it down to decorate it and put it on display ,,, ANYWAYS. It was very pretty though, and the star on it was beautiful.

Well I continue on with my day and call a guy I met on the plane on the way here. Really nice guy, a little older, and seemingly cool. We decide to meet for drinks. On the way to meet him for drinks I sit down to relax for a minute. While I am relaxing, I meet another dude. Again, seemingly cool. So we exchange digies and I think all is good with the world.


I go for a drink with the guy I met on the plane. We are hanging out, having a good time and then he drops a bomb bigger than the bomb on Hiroshima ... he non-chalantly informs me he is MARRIED!!! WTF!!! No, What the fuck! How are you out on a date with me???? It obviously ends there, because I am far too big of a believer in karma to let this shit fuck me up.

I graciously leave, thank him for the drink and go on my merry way.

I then go and meet up with random guy on the street. First of all let me brag for a second. He is a Dolce and Gabanna model. He actually has a billboard that I saw. Holla ... I went out with a model!!!! AHHH

This is where the coolness ends. When he wants to "Go back to his place" and I saw no he actually says "You don't know what you are saying no to" ... Ummm, yeah I do and I think I just did say no to it. What is with these people?

No wonder dating is so hard. You meet a guy, and you think he is cool, sure a little old, but that hasn't stopped me before, and well, he is married. Then the next guy is a loser model. What the fuck! There is a reason I have remained single for all these years, and today was the culmination of all these reasons. I never want to meet a guy again! EVER!

Ok, that is a lie, but next time can they not be married and not be someone with the ego the size of the Nortwest Territories!?

Thanks! I appreciate it.


Shallow Like A Puddle

This is how I have described myself on numerous occasions. I am. I like clothes and pretty things, and I like to look good. So sue me.

My shallowness has left me in a bit of a conundrum. I am here in NYC, one of the fashion capitals of the world, and feel very inadequate. I love my clothes, but I want to look GOOD! Not just ok. Stuff that is fine in Edmonton, well is it ok here too? It wasn't that big of a deal this summer, because summer clothes are whatever, sandals, tank top and shorts. Easy, winter is when the clothing decisions become harder. Do I go with a chunky sweater or a light top and layer it? If I layer it, will I look chunky? And shoes! Winter shoes aren't nearly as pretty as summer shoes. ARGH! I have been pacing in this small apt for an hour trying to figure out what to wear to go shopping. And it also sucks because I don't have anyone to bounce outfit ideas off of.

Ok, I am going to peel myself off this chair, and go into my bedroom and find something, ANYTHING to wear. Wish me luck.

Wow, I am REALLY superficial.


Friday, December 15, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things

Another boring day at work earlier this week. As I am getting prepped to begin my daily crossword puzzle, I come across this random thing.

The Best of Craigslist!

Well, some of this shit is hilarious. I think that Craigslist might become my new venting forum. A nice anonymous place to bitch about all the things in life that piss me off. Like REALLY skinny girls who complain that they are trying to gain weight. HELLO! Do not talk about your difficulties gaining weight to a girl who weighs 8 times what you do.

Or when people call me really early in the morning. Everyone knows I work night shifts and am so NOT a morning person as it is. Don't call me before 10 AM unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Or when the bellmen at work ignore me on purpose because they think me being bored and annoyed is funny. It isn't! I spend enough alone time throughout the day, I work at a hotel to get SOME social interaction!

Holy off topic Batman. Ok, so check out the list. There is some VERY funny stuff - not to mention scary stuff. I have found a girl that sounds EXACTLY like me and a guy that makes me scared of all men.

Back to having the bellmen ignore me. I don't even have banquets here to keep me entertained ... how I long for the CPCL some days ... and those great calls Ron or Jarod used to give me telling me there was dessert in the staff caf. Oh, I miss those days.

Does anyone want to bring me in free dessert?


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bittersweet Symphony

I am getting ready for a Christmas vacation. Where you wonder?

I am returning to New York City for the Christmas break. Excited? Sorta. It will definitely be bittersweet. New York is supposed to be beautiful this time of year. Christmas cheer (bah) everywhere. The window displays, skating in Central Park, seeing the Rockefeller Centre tree, showing my dad why I heart NY.

Sure, that is all great, but let's not lie. New York broke my heart this year. I was supposed to be living there right now. Acting like an actual New Yorker. But instead I sit at the hotel, getting frustrated with the bellmen, and work a job that I don't really want to be at.

So, yes, I am a little sad to be going back without working there, but hey, at least this way I will be able to look back fondly on my memories of the city, rather it making me horribly sad.

Oh, and the other super exciting thing, is Jarod and Steve are going to be coming down to NYC for New Years. It is going to be one cramped little apt on the UES, but hey, I like to cuddle.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Nice to Meet You

I worked yesterday. It was a painfully slow day. Nothing was going on and we were totally overstaffed. I was ready to leave as soon as I walked in. It was painful.

That was until a guest came up and started to chat with us. He was from Seattle and was thinking about moving to Edmonton, so he was asking us questions about the city etc. Super nice guy, talking about his fiancee and their kids, so it was nothing in the least bit flirtatious.

He then mentioned how that since he was in PR he would probably be doing a lot of work on the Avenue. Wait a second, did he say he was in PR??

He is the PR Manager for Nintendo of America. Can you imagine? That is huge. I googled him and he is the main contact point for any press related information and everything that is put out from Nintendo. The silly Wii. That is him justifying it.

It just seemed really cool to me. But he reaffirmed my belief in holding out for an agency. He even said it is the best idea for anyone starting out in PR, it gives you a well-balanced experience and is VERY transferrable.

So my lame-o day at work wasn't wasted afterall. It is always nice to hear decisions you make aren't so bad afterall. Yay!

Have a good one.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Don't Cry for Me Meatpacking District

I sit here this morning, writing this entry, drunk off my ass and in bed. Why do I confess this to you all? For the sole purpose of explaining why this entry is going to be a bit ... sadder than most.

I came home and went on that thing called Facebook. I did it solely b/c this super fun bellman at work was on it and well, once you get a ball rolling, you know what I am saying.

I think I have mentioned before how I only joined Facebook for the pics. Well these pics made me very sad.

What was I looking at?? Well it was pics of NYC this summer. These fun, incredible, goofy pics, that I have not looked at since my return to Edmonton. Mainly because they are still very sad for me to look at.

All the happiness which is usually repressed, out there for posterity's sake. The gum on the sidewalk, the weird sweat that only ever appears after 2 seconds of being on the train platform, the kinda of sexiness that only comes with having a smoke in NYC. I miss these things more than I realized. Almost more than words can express.

I know the thing that truly kills me about NYC is that it was in my hands. In fact I could taste it. Living in this city, that has been my dream for so long, was in the palm of my hands and yet unreachable.

Have I come to terms with it? Obviously not. I am sitting here doing a drunk post, at 6AM! No doubt I am still messed up about it. But I have moved on. Sure it sucks, but it could be worse. I could have really thin hair. That would totally be worse.

FYI, I think of this thing as my own little journal, so you guys are just going to have to deal with the drunk posts once and a while.