Thursday, August 10, 2006

What is that smell??

Well it is the smell of fresh air. I love it! Carlee described breathing in NY perfectly, "You can never trust your second breath" One second you smell fresh bread, the next it is the rotting garbage from the corner. Here though, nine out of 10 times, you can trust your second breath. It is a luxury that I never noticed before. I do know though.

I went for breakfast yesterday and it lasted quite a while. No wonder Steve is sick of me and so excited for me to leave. Hmph. I see how it is. It was a great day though. Jarod and I went to Millcreek Ravine. I had never been in this area before and one of my favorite things about Edmonton is discovering new trails etc to explore on.

I then had to panic to get my paper done for school. This took up the majority of my day. I was haviing an issue writing yesterday. A paper that previously wouldn't have taken me very long, took me FOREVER!! I even had to cancel plans with my lovah ... Brandy. Don't get any dirty thoughts.

I think my dad spilled something on my keyboard b/c it is not typing the same as it once did. ARGH!!

Alright, off to get my transcripts. YAY!!



Ronnie A said...

I am envious of you and Jarod getting lost in the River Valley. At least you know that no matter where you come out you'll eventually get back home. If I get lost in a River Valley here, I might get sold to Kim Jung Il.

Oh, and speaking of fresh air, doesn't Jarod stink?

Iris said...

He didn't shower that day either!!

Meh, you may have to deal with Kim Jon Il, but I have to deal with Lisa. Admit it, Chunk is worse.

Ronnie A said...

I'll take Zomerchunk over old Korean men that yell at you because you're obviously not Korean anyday!