Monday, September 04, 2006

Do I have a drinking problem??

I think I might. I mean, I drink all the time. Most times I am not getting drunk, but what is the definition? And does that definition apply when you have no job, and nothing to wake up to except your fantasy football draft?? If it does, well it shouldn't!!

So I am back in the Big Apple. I have to say, I am happy to be 'home'. This place is yet to really feel like home to me. I have to get it all set up, get some breakfast food so I am not hungover and hungry. (Not a good combo). Last night I was craving the French onion soup at Markt. Seriously, best ever!! I got there at 11 pm, and didn't leave till 2. The beer was flowing, thanks to Bizarro Jarod and there were just randoms chatting me up. I really do like being a single girl in this city! I met a couple of randoms and we went for some more drinks down the block. Not let me tell ya, this was SO not planned. I was in jeans, flippies and a black v-neck. I was sooo not dressed for going out, but I am a trooper and did so. And proceeded to get HAMMERED. I suppose that 8 beers on an empty stomach is not the best of ideas. Who'da thunkit??

And stop judging me! Harp got kicked out of Monkey's Island! That has to be worse!!

I am going to the US Open today, if I can scrape myself out of bed. ARGH!

Stop yelling at me!!


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Anonymous said...

hahahaha, I deny all allegations, ur worse! I am with my religious cousin so I am not drinking, going through the withdrawal symptoms!