Friday, December 15, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things

Another boring day at work earlier this week. As I am getting prepped to begin my daily crossword puzzle, I come across this random thing.

The Best of Craigslist!

Well, some of this shit is hilarious. I think that Craigslist might become my new venting forum. A nice anonymous place to bitch about all the things in life that piss me off. Like REALLY skinny girls who complain that they are trying to gain weight. HELLO! Do not talk about your difficulties gaining weight to a girl who weighs 8 times what you do.

Or when people call me really early in the morning. Everyone knows I work night shifts and am so NOT a morning person as it is. Don't call me before 10 AM unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Or when the bellmen at work ignore me on purpose because they think me being bored and annoyed is funny. It isn't! I spend enough alone time throughout the day, I work at a hotel to get SOME social interaction!

Holy off topic Batman. Ok, so check out the list. There is some VERY funny stuff - not to mention scary stuff. I have found a girl that sounds EXACTLY like me and a guy that makes me scared of all men.

Back to having the bellmen ignore me. I don't even have banquets here to keep me entertained ... how I long for the CPCL some days ... and those great calls Ron or Jarod used to give me telling me there was dessert in the staff caf. Oh, I miss those days.

Does anyone want to bring me in free dessert?



Kai said...

I ignored Iris once, it was for a whole week, she then cornered me and nearly beat me up. I was scared for my life...these bellmen better watch out.

Ronnie A said...

There's no deserts in the staff caf, but do you want to come for a smoke in the ballroom?