Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's in a name?

Well, there is quite a bit in a name, but in a blog name? Not a while lot, except a little false advertising. I am no longer in NY. I don't think I will be in NY anytime soon. Probably for at least a couple years, so I have reverted to my cyncical, angry self. And MEH kinda sums it all up for me.

How do I feel? Meh. What am I doing? Meh. What am I thining? Meh.

See it works out perfectly!

Funny how I was less angry and cynical in NY. And most people think of NY as the birthplace of angry and cynical.



Ronnie A said...

I was going to leave an intelligent comment... but -Meh-

p said...

perhaps NY planted the seed of cynicism and edmonton is providing the fertilizer?

Iris said...

I think the cynicism has always been there. It only ever manifests itself in Edmonton. Toxic environment maybe?