Friday, January 25, 2008

Quit playing games with me

I hate these games, but unfortunately, I have nothing blog-worthy to type, so here it goes:

I'm it Eve decided to tag me so here goes, I have time to do this today thanks to the fact that I am sick and feel like ass.

THE "RULES":Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Here are the 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about myself...

1. I love sports. In like a 'guy' way. During football season, my Sundays consist of: waking up, turning on SportsCentre, having breakfast (optional) and drinking beer. And this is how my WHOLE day shapes up. It is the same with tennis and now a lesser degree basketball. Baseball isn't a sport, so I don't watch it.

2. I love shopping, but hate malls. They are over-crowded, child-infested madhouses. I don't know how people work in them or why anyone would choose to go to them. They are gross, but I am a sucker for the cheap mall Chinese, you know, the 6 items for $3.99. Even though it gives me gut rot every time. Will I ever learn?!

3. My favorite meals are Swiss Chalet and sushi. I could eat them alternately every day of the week. Mmm ... the sauce at SC is like the nectar of the gods. I know I am not alone with the sushi thing, so there is no need to explain.

4. I am a bit of a loner. I go through phases where I don't want any kind of social activity (I am going through one right now). I am not depressed, but I just don't want to be social. My friends have learned to work with me on this one, but new friends don't necessarily get it. Nine out of ten times, I would rather be alone. It has nothing to do with you, just that I don't feel like putting the effort into getting dressed and everything else that entails. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

5. I don't use hair conditioner. Not even leave-in anymore. I don't need it. My hairdressers have yelled at me ad nauseum for this one, but I don't want to wash my hair every day and if I use conditioner, I have to. It just ain't worth it.

6. I am a clothing / shoe whore. I realized it when I moved into this tiny little apartment, but I have a LOT of clothes / shoes. I don't know how I amassed this huge collection, but I have and I love each and every piece. I tend to buy stuff that will never go out of style, I still have sweaters from when I was 17 that I am still wearing. I also have an affinity for expensive clothes, which may be why I can't afford to live right now ... correlation? I think so.

Ok, there you go, something to tie the blog over for the weekend. It gets lonely sometimes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It comes in weird places. Sometimes it is an incredible quote. Sometimes it is a stupid comedy. (Who hasn't wanted to blue themselves?)

You just never know.

Well, the inspiration for this post came from my friend Tej. He recently fulfilled a dream of his by traveling to Green Bay, Wisconsin and seeing his non-homosexual dream man, Brett Favre, play in a playoff game, at Lambeau.

I have been lacking inspiration lately. I think the end of my relationship has left me a little ... off.

So, this is my attempt at getting inspired. Here, for your reading pleasure (browse away now)

My Big 5
(in no particular order)

New York

Let's not lie. Its no secret. I heart NY. Everything about it is perfect in my mind. EVERYTHING. I would give almost anything to live there and everything I do is to best position myself to get there. A bit of an obsession? Yes. P3 once said he hated the way I would talk about NY because it was like I was talking about an ex that broke my heart, but I am still pining over. NY, I am still pining.

Write a TV Show

God do I think this would be great. I have thrown ideas around with friends, but nothing near serious discussions. How great would that be?! 'Oh, what do you do for a living?' 'Well, I write a TV show'. AWESOME.

Write a Book

This would be fantastic. To put that much dedication, that much of yourself, that much of your life, into something (anything) would make life worth it. Long after you are dead, you are still alive. Isn't that what humanity strives for?

Go to Africa

More than anywhere else on the planet, Africa is where I want to go. The whole continent. While I am there, however, I would have to swim with the sharks in South Africa. The 'Holy fuck' feeling that must go through your body must be incredible.

Spend a Year in Dubai

Hi, they built an island that looks like the globe. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in a society where that kind of opulence is commonplace, whoa. I am pretty sure I would only do it for a year, but how incredible would it be? (Not to mention, I hear you can make a KILLING!)

This list is small, but I can't share EVERYTHING with the web. Somethings are just too personal.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ok, so birthdays, a HUGE deal for me. I love them, they are the only day devoted solely to you. I don't really care who else shares the day with, it is still yours.

This is the first year since my 19th that I haven't had a big party (invitations and all). Why am I not having a big party you ask? Well, who the hell would I invite?

It is a little sad to me that for the past two years, my birthdays have been a little tainted. Last year, because of NY and this year for a mountain of reasons. I don't have my friends, I don't have Paul, I don't have a permanent home. AWESOME.

The only thing I do have is my job, which I have mentioned several times I LOVE. I swear, if it wasn't for my job, I would be in Edmonton. So, at least I have my job, the one shining light in my life ... ok, I want a new life.

So there it is. My sad little birthday post. It is 8:30PM and I am going to bed. Can we just skip to Friday?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Social Hangover

I have coined a new phrase, or at least I am trying to.

I am suffering from a social hangover right now. I have had people visiting me since January 1st. I haven't spent more than 24 hours by myself since bringing in the new year. And now I am alone.

And it kinda sucks.

I miss having someone to come home to. I REALLY miss it in fact. When I was living with P3, I would come home and have someone to hang with. It was nice. With visitors, you plan and keep busy.

But now it is just me and it is cold and rainy and miserable and I don't want to do anything but sleep and watch tv.

Also, for the past little while, I have wondered if I hate Vancouver because it isn't Edmonton or New York. And no, it isn't just because of that. I hate Vancouver because I do. It doesn't have the benefits of New York or Edmonton. New York was dynamic enough that I never was actually alone, there were constantly millions of people moving and doing stuff that I never felt alone. In Edmonton, I never had to be alone, I had a ton of people to ensure my days and nights were exactly what I wanted them to be.

So now I am socially hungover, missing the social-ness of having people around and literally not wanting to get out of bed. Does anyone know a rich man, preferably of an older age so they appreciate me, who is willing to 'keep' a woman? No, seriously, anyone?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gay for Jarod

Well, not really. But he is pretty fun.

Jarod came for a visit this weekend. The thing with Jarod is that he is ... whatever. Literally, "Jarod, do you want to ...?" Jarod:"Whatever"

He is up for anything and if it sucks, he will inform you. Happily.

He got in Thursday night, we went for dinner, late. We only ate at like 10PM. Dinner was really good. Mashed potato spring rolls, proscuitto pizza ... MMMMM. Not healthy, but so good. The place was called Lickerish. Really good. Then we came back here and proceeded to play Wii until 2 AM. And I had to work the next day.

The next day was torture. I was horribly tired and it was my busiest day at work yet. I didn't even have the chance to properly Facebook. Hi, busy. But Jarod met me for lunch, picked me up and chilled out for a bit. We went to a Japanese tapas restaurant by my place. Again, really good. Super ineresting dishes and sushi. What more could you want?

After dinner, we had tickets to check out Mark Farina at the Commodore. He was really good. Some danceable, not too hyper, house music. I got to dance my little butt off and watch Jarod shake his ass.

Saturday was going to be an adventure. Jarod found out that Harrison Hot Springs is close to Vancouver, so off we went at a ridiculously early time. The drive was like Lord of the Rings, all misty mountain hoppy.

When we get to Harrison, we find the resort, assuming you can buy a day pass and hang-out. Oh no. You have to have a service at the spa, and the only one she had available was a 25-minute massage for $60. We passed and decided to go for the cheap, public version.

Now, I don't really get hot springs. They end up being like hot pools, especially when they are indoors - which the public one was. It was a little low brow, but then again, so are Jarod and I. But it was fun to get a little randomness in, with a person who might actually be more random than me. Weird.

Any more visitors? Smelly? Harp? Eve? ANYONE???

Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Apologies

My memory is not perfect. I do too many things to kill brain cells to have a perfect memory.

My year in review was difficult, solely because I had to try and remember everything in the year and while I think I did a decent job, there was one GLARING exception in the month of August.

I have mentioned Smelly Paul on this blog several times. There are not enough words to properly explain what Smelly means to me. He has been my best dood for more than 10 years now and has fed my co-dependency (in a way caused it), he has been my friend and a confidante. If he threw a party, invited everyone he knew, he would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, "Thank you for being a friend".

I digress, after years of thinking that no woman would put up with Paul, in August he made it so poor Michelle is now legally obligated to put up with him. In August, Paul got married.

The wedding was like a Concordia reunion. Kai, Ally, Andrew, Nadine, me, oh, and Paul. There was a lot of drinking, not a ton of dancing (I was TRAPPED outside, rehashing the past - always fun).

For the wedding, Paul and Michelle chose Crowsnest Pass. I had never actually HEARD of CNP, but it is really pretty and the wedding was a lot of fun, a little sad ... I think Paul and I had the "If we aren't married by the time we are XX then we will have a non-sexual marriage." Who am I going to have a non-sexual marriage with now??!!

But, with all of my ignorance, I neglected to mention Paul's wedding during my Year in Review. My apologies Paul. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Cruise on roadster

I love driving. Probably one of my favorite things to do is drive. I can do it for hours. And I love driving when I have company I can hang out with and have a nice conversation with.

Ally was this company for me today. We drove to Whistler, mainly to show her the most incredibly beautiful drive in the whole world. Gorgeous darling, just gorgeous.

So we drove this morning to Whistler, where it was snowing like a mofo. I think it snowed a foot while we had our lunch. It was a winter wonderland!

But yes, that is the post for the day. A drive to Whistler for the beautiful view and a good lunch and a lot of snow. It was a good day.