Friday, August 25, 2006

Cabo Wabo

Ok, I get that my life isn't that interesting right now. In fact, its a little boring. I have no money, no job, no man ... why haven't I shot myself yet? Oh yes, it is the promise of exciting things to come that has kept me alive.

The one thing I really like about my family is that they are totally random. I mean RANDOM!! My mom, aunt, cousin and I were sitting around the other day a little bored wondering if there was anywhere we could visit. My cousin works for Continental Airlines, so we have access to a lot of last minute travel destinations. SO we looked and looked and looked and we are going on a little trip. Cabo San Lucas here we come!!

I have never been. I hope it is everything the Girls Gone Wild videos have portrayed it to be. I mean, where else is my low self-esteem going to be on display better?

Basically I am letting you all know this to a)make you all extremely jelly and b) to make you all aware of the fact that I will not be posting at all this weekend. I will be on a beach, sipping pina coladas and being drunk off my ass!! WOO HOO!!!

Don't stop till you get enough



p said...

whatever, i'll be sitting on my cement pad after moving all of our shit into storage drinking vitamin k, as well as other vices, in an effort to knock myself on my ass.

let's hope i succeed.

p said...

have fun though

GURGOAT said...

Good times!!

PS Add the link for the NFL Fantasy pool that I am going to whoooooooooooop you in...

Shot Gun Favre

Speaking of Favre... guess who is trying to line up tickets to go see him in Seattle with wifes blessing... ME!

Anonymous said...