Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Idea Generator

I need your help. I am in the greatest city in the world and I am a little bored. I have run out of money and I am not working yet, so it makes life a little difficult.

I need ideas for cheap things to do. I am not used to this. As most of you know, when I want to do something, I usually just go out and do it. Regardless of cost, live your life and the money will usually work itself out. Well that was when I had an income (or savings for that matter) and now I have neither.

There are so many great shows in town or coming to town, but I can't really afford any of the tickets. Plus I have a drinking problem, so going to these shows will tempt me to drink, which is NOT cheap. ARGH!!!

IDEAS PEOPLE!!! I need some. I can't watch my Seinfeld dvds anymore. I now know everything there is to know about seasons 1 -6 of Seinfeld. Office season 1, Grey's Anatomy season 1, Entourage 1 & 2.





Anonymous said...

Hmm, I see you took my ideas seriously, I think you should go volunteer somewhere, the soup kitchen. You could meet cool people aka cute boys and u wouldnt have to spend money!Check it out.

p said...

helping others is for suckers

you should sell yourself on the street to make extra coin to do the things that you want to do.

that's my advice.

Iris said...

The amount of money I would generate would be too great and too attention grabbing. I don't want to get kicked out of the country.