Friday, September 29, 2006


I find it fascinating this whole blogging community. Within my close group of friends, there are at least five other bloggers. All of whom are living much more interesting lives than I am right now.

It is incredible how easy it is to communicate with people without actually communicating. Passive communications. I love it, mainly b/c I am lazy.

I just got back from Slave Lake. I haven't been in over a year. I have no idea why. It is so quiet and peaceful, not to mention beautiful. My dad is helping a friend of his run this nice little restaurant right on the lake. I went for both lunch and dinner yesterday and today. The food is ok, but the view is to-die-for. Actually, dinner was REALLY good, but lunch was marginal at best.

I miss New York. I miss the action, the pace, the ... everything! Not that Edmonton isn't great, but with the uncertainty that is my life right now, I need a lot of outside help keeping me distracted. I am thinking about temping next week. My mom said if I drove her back to SL, I could have her car, which would make me having a short-term job more plausible. I am sorry, but the public transportation system in Edmonton leaves a lot to be desired.

Ok, enough is enough. I have to wash my oh-so-greasy hair and get ready for Ro Ro's b-day drinks. I do have a drinking problem, don't I??



Ronnie A said...

I swear that I posted my last blog before I saw this one!

Anonymous said...

Your Blog has gotten me through this oh so slow monday. And your wonderful use of descriptive language has left me yearning for the days of yester-year where words like pantaloon and jimmy leg were running rampant. May the river of laughter flow freely below the trenches of your lust.

Anonymous said...

Your journey begins far below the surface of laughter and high above the mountain of fame. You need to run, run like the wind until you meet your animal of lust with the heart of fancy. Only then will you realize the duration of boredom and the pinnacle of fame.

Iris said...


I don't know who you are, and frankly, I just don't care. You are a creep. You are scaring me and my friends, and I don't appreciate it. I get that this blog is on the web so it is open for anyone to look in at, but COME ON!!! Stop being weird, and leave me and my blog alone!

Warmest Wishes,


p said...

you're a sensitive girl iris

wouldn't it be funny if you just told off... meh nevermind