Monday, October 30, 2006

Ain't No Sunshine

Well there just isn't. I am at work right now, re-reading all the old postings on this here blog, and how my life has done a 180. The excitement and happiness that I almost drowned in this summer are gone, replacing them ... nothing. I have a job, with people I like, but I NEED TO USE MY BRAIN! I am starting to feel a little on the ... well ... useless side. So much for excitement being balanced by calm. All the excitement this summer is being balanced right now ... by total boredom. ARGH!



Ronnie A said...

My prediction: right when you're at the lowest point of your self-sympathetic march down depression lane you will get a call that will set you back on the elation-filled wondorously unpredictable path of working in the city that you love.

Eve said...

At least you still have your youth. go out and party like a rockstar while you still can :)

p said...

youth? isn't iris 25?

just kidding.

don't worry nrd. it'll all work out. enjoy the mind numbing work for now, because this isn't going to last.