Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I was NOT expecting that

So, Steve and I went to breakfast Sunday morning. Then we went to the aquarium and then Steve cooked me dinner. (Have I mentioned how much I love Steve)

Then it was off to the show.

The concert was The Avett Brothers.

Fuck was it good. And not what I was expecting.

I have to admit, the only cd I had of theirs is their latest one. I think it is pretty great, alt-country, folksy, just really good. But, I didn't know a TON about them live.

Well they were energetic, enthusiastic, up-tempo, just AWESOME.

I haven't been that surprised and excited about a show since The Constantines.

Plus, the lead singer was hot. Like seriously hot.

Ok, it's pretty

Sure it's pretty. I will give Vancouver that. It is a very pretty city - mountains, beaches, flowers - and that might be able to save it during the summer.

The biggest reason I came to this startling realization is because of Steve. Yes, of Jarod and Steve.

Steve came down for a concert (see the next post) and Jarod was at a conference, so it was Steve and I for the weekend.

He came in early (like 7:40AM early) on Saturday. The weather was fucking beautiful. Like blue skies, sun shining beautiful. We went for breakfast to Sophie's Cosmic Cafe. (Steve's dog's name is Sophie, so he got quite the kick out of it) And then we walked.

We walked from my apartment (Kits) to Granville Island. Took the water taxi to Yaletown, walked from Yaletown around English Bay and then to my work.

I have always said, to see a city you have to walk it. Driving just won't do. That is why I think I could never like LA. Gah. LA. Of course a city full of vapid narcissts would be a driving city.

Tangent - sorry.

But yes, walking gives Vancouver a whole new ... something.

Also, did I mention I am like four blocks from the beach?

Monday, April 07, 2008

My girl likes to party all the time

I do. I know I pretend that I don't, but I love a good party. Few things get your energy out like a great party and Ron gave me the perfect excuse to do just that, party.

Ron's flight was VERY early Saturday morning, so we decided that an all-nighter was the only acceptable way to handle a flight that early.

We went to the Cambie. So, it is this hostel that has a bar in it. The people are totally chill, they have picnic benches instead of tables, so you sit and people join you. It was me, Ron, Nancy (Ron's friend) and P3.

After the four of us chugged five pitchers of beer, Ron, P3 and I headed to Gorgomish, an after hours club.

Now, I have only been to one real after hours club and boy was it sketch. This one, however, was not sketch at all. Super nice actually, I wasn't even scared of the bathrooms.

We stayed there until 5:30AM, danced our asses off, I cock-blocked Ron and just had a really fun time. I had forgotten that I could have fun like that late into the morning. It was great.

The music was ok, nothing to write home about, but it served it's purpose.

Poor Ron though. Dude had to get on the plane still energized from the party that night. I don't know how he did it. He is a better man than I.

So, I have to thank Ronald J. Atcheson for a great week. He was a great distraction from the things that I hate about my life right now and helped me focus on the fun that is possible. Gotta love that.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Let's go Oilers!

First of all, a big word of thanks to Nikki for inviting me to my first hockey game of the season on Thursday. The topper on this hockey sundae, is the fact that it was the last game for your Edmonton Oilers.

AND it was a pivotal game for the Canucks. They were fighting for a playoff berth and well, the Oil ruined that hope.

The game was great. I was drunk, beligerent and getting a ton of dirty looks. And I loved it. I got out a ton of my aggression that has built up for the past little while.


Oh, and the Oilers won. They eliminated the Canucks and I got to flex the knowledge I have gained from Smelly Paul. I knew being friends with him would pay off eventually.

But yes, so much freaking fun. I think I might actually buy tickets to Oilers games next year.

What is it about being in a different city that inspires civic pride in me?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Could this be home?

Ok, so I moved into a new apartment yesterday. I kinda took it out of frustration from finding a place, I liked it and it was in my budget - the upper limits, but there is no need to talk about that - and it was in a GREAT location.

But today was the day I got my shit. All of the shit I had accumulated in Edmonton finally arrived, Ron, mom and I set it all up and suddenly it feels like I have a home.

I have missed this feeling. For the first time in months I am sleeping in MY bed. Yes, the beautiful cloud I have for a bed has returned. Even just writing this post in it feels great.

I really hope this makes things better out here. God do I hope. I mean, things couldn't have felt much worse for me, so ... it makes sense to reason that this would only help the mood and funk that I have been in as of late.

I am also really glad Ron is here.

An outlet for the lack of friends I have is always, ALWAYS welcome.

I kinda just want to start being me again. The person that likes her life and likes the things that she does and like the people she sees and likes the things that make even the most mundane things fun.

I like that person. A lot.