Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just Breathe

Do you guys get busy heads? I do. They are so bad sometimes that I won't sleep all night. While this doesn't happen often, it happens enough for me to know that I need to calm the f**k down.

Sleepless nights obviously happen at times of stress and let me tell ya, moving across the continent, to a city, oh 10 times the size of Edmonton, with not a friend in site and a job that may or may not still be yours can cause stressful. SHOCKING!

I am in Texas right now with my fam and having a gay old time. We hang out during the day, play poker at night and then off to sleep. For most. For the past couple of nights my head has been just too stinkin' busy to sleep. What's going on the visa? What if they pull the offer? What if I have to come back to Edmonton with my tail between my legs, saying that I was thrown out of NYC? I would die!!!

So there you have it. Now EVERYONE knows about my anxiety-ridden existence. How I make it through the day without throwing myself off a bridge or even worse, without putting myself out there is unknown to me. I am still amazed most days that I am able to pull my sad little self out of bed. Ah ... to be a neurotic mess. Oh wait ... I am.

Some helpful links:
I love the web, you get to diagnose yourself!!

Warm it up Chris



p said...

k, lisa loeb.

i wanna hear more exciting adventures of iris.

get your ass to ny!

Ronnie A said...

it's not that you're anxious about surviving in NY, it's that NY is anxious about surviving Iris. You da man!

p said...

oh, your link doesn't work. try throwing a 'www' in there.