Monday, December 04, 2006

Nice to Meet You

I worked yesterday. It was a painfully slow day. Nothing was going on and we were totally overstaffed. I was ready to leave as soon as I walked in. It was painful.

That was until a guest came up and started to chat with us. He was from Seattle and was thinking about moving to Edmonton, so he was asking us questions about the city etc. Super nice guy, talking about his fiancee and their kids, so it was nothing in the least bit flirtatious.

He then mentioned how that since he was in PR he would probably be doing a lot of work on the Avenue. Wait a second, did he say he was in PR??

He is the PR Manager for Nintendo of America. Can you imagine? That is huge. I googled him and he is the main contact point for any press related information and everything that is put out from Nintendo. The silly Wii. That is him justifying it.

It just seemed really cool to me. But he reaffirmed my belief in holding out for an agency. He even said it is the best idea for anyone starting out in PR, it gives you a well-balanced experience and is VERY transferrable.

So my lame-o day at work wasn't wasted afterall. It is always nice to hear decisions you make aren't so bad afterall. Yay!

Have a good one.


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Jarod said...

I thought I would post a comment, cus no one had yet, and I have little else to do at work right now