Friday, July 28, 2006

The things you miss

I was told by Natalia (a friend of mine here) that I start too many sentences with "So". I re-read my postings yesterday and realized how true this was! I am going to try to resist the urge to do this today. Let's see if it works.

Yesterday was a good, 'normal' day. Nothing crazy, no interns gone wild stories, just doing stuff that you do when you become comfortable somewhere. It was nice. I overindulged at Food Emporium. Not only did I have sushi for lunch, but then felt the need for the pear dumpling ... mmm ... pear dumpling. After being a gluttonous pig, Natalia and I went back to the office. If you only knew how close I was to pulling George Costanza and sleeping underneath my desk, you would die! Seriously! The 3-month pregnant belly that Brandy is such a fan of is growing!!! It might actually be at 4 months now. tee hee

After work, I went for drinks with some people from work. It was fun. I got to hear all the work gossip. LOVE GOSSIP!!!! At least I can admit it.

Throughout this little adventure of mine, I have grown more and more weary. I am starting to miss the comforts of home more and more with each passing day. But this weekend, I at least get a couple things. My mom is coming in!!! As most of you know, I am a messed up only child and very co-dependent. I am probably the most co-dependent on my mom. She is my best friend, and I have never been 2 months without seeing her. She is coming in tonight, and I get to finally see her! The other thing that I get this weekend is a bed bigger than a twin. Granted, I will be sharing it with my mom, but still, half a king is still bigger then a twin. And let's not lie, I am a monster bed hog, so I will get more than half.

Alrighty, I have to dry my hair and get ready for work. There probably won't be many, if any, posts this weekend, but I will let you all know how the Bloc Party concert is this weekend.

Iris over and out!



p said...

you do say "so" a lot.

you'd think you were lisa loeb or something.

fuck i hate lisa loeb.

Iris said...

so ...

you heart lisa loeb, don't lie. I can see it written all over your plastic frames.

Eve said...

I hope you're having fun with your mom!!! GIve Annie a big hug for me and tell her to stop in Calfornia cause I really miss her! I dont miss you so much anymore, but I really miss your mom :) Tee hee... ps--- did you get my VM About American Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

I get where you are coming from. I am missing the comforts of home soo much, thankfully I will be home in about 2 weeks to gorge on my moms cooking. Cant believe you went that long without your mom, you did well! Tell her I say hi!

Ps. oh and BD hates you for getting to go see the bloc party

Anonymous said...

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