Saturday, July 25, 2009

So it begins

This is post #1 of 48. What the fuck did I sign up for?

Please let this serve as a warning. I make no claims that this blog will create any kind of social change. Really, it is a narcissistic outlet for my thoughts, and a pseudo-diary for interesting moments in my life.

But, I have this habit of signing up for random things and just have to run with it.

So, run I shall.

I have heard comments recently about how I sound angry when reading my posts. How my expressions are a tad bitter.

Well, I am not really an angry bitter person. I laugh too much to be that.

Yes, I am jaded. There is no denying that.

To counter these criticisms - hopefully forever - Blogathon 2009 will be 47 posts on what makes me happy. Things, people, feelings of why I like my life and what makes me happy.

This was just a warm up - I have to let the coffee kick in a bit first.

Please note: to ensure there are no repeats, and to make my writing a bit easier at the ridiculous hours, I have pre-planned my list.

I am not winging this. That would be retarded leotarded.

1 comment:

isabella mori said...

hello there! just walking around, visiting all the blogathoners.

we must be quite different people. i don't have 79 pairs of shoes, and when i did the blogathon last year, i DID wing it, mostly, as evidenced by this amazingly erudite post :)

anyway, good luck!