Saturday, July 25, 2009

Settling now

I have mentioned Settlers of Catan on here several times.

Greatest game ever.

Jarod and Steve first introduced me to it. Then I put it in front of Craig and P3.

Then the summer of 2007 was set.

I would come home from work and these two nerds would be sitting there with Catan set-up ready to go.

Talk about awesome-sauce.

I get really competitive, although some people think I am all talk and no action.

See the thing about Catan, is that my trash talk and smart mouth are actually natural by-products of the game.

What is the point of the game, you wonder? There are rules that can explain that to you, but for me, the point of the game is to stop everyone else from winning until you have a shot at winning.

Fucking brilliant.

The game changes with every new set-up and it is so good.

I only wish I knew anyone in Vancouver that would be happy coming over on a Friday night, spending some time withe some friends and playing Catan until the wee hours.

That would be so perfect.

And I would probably marry them.

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