Saturday, July 25, 2009


I remember my dad first showing me discussion forums and ICQ. I totally didn’t get it.

But I sure do now.

I freaking love the internet. I wonder all the time, what did we do before it. Everything else would be so inefficient. Anything you want to know, at the tip of your fingers, instantaneously. Like magic.

You meet someone, you Google them and you can find out so much about them. It makes pseudo-stalking so freaking easy it hurts – and don’t get me started on Facebook.

I remember being on the internet one night when I was 17 and my connection was obviously dial-up and a boy rang me. He left me a message and then stopped by to drop off something. When get got to my house he asked me – your phone was busy, don’t you have call-waiting? I told him that I was on the internet and he asked, “what’s the internet?”

Can you imagine a time when someone didn't know what the internet was?!

The internet has kept me close to people I would be lost without. It has given me an outlet for my insanity. It has kept me entertained and informed.

I do, however, blame the internet for my adult-onset ADD.

I’m amazed it has kept my attention this long.

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Anonymous said...

i miss ICQ. i almost enjoyed it more than msn messenger.
but it was so difficult finding people! my ICQ went down once and I needed to re-input all the ICQ #'s and it just became this agonizing task, forcing me to never use ICQ again.