Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boys boys boys

I complain about them all the time. How stupid they are. How I can’t tell what the fuck is going on in their heads. How I wish I was a lesbian.

But I’m not.


So I am forced to deal with the drama that boys cause.

But they are so cute!

I don’t date a lot, which is depressing at times, but a god-sent at others. These boys, they take up a lot of energy.

Is he going to call? Did he get that joke at dinner? Why didn’t he try to kiss me? Is he going to hate the fact that I smoke? What if I really like this guy?


But those butterflies you get when you see them or talk to them or touch them. Those butterflies make everything worth it.

All of the fucking drama and obsessing and wanting to become a lesbian is all made worthwhile when a boy you like, likes you too.

Sofa king awesome.

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