Saturday, July 25, 2009


This may be long and sappy, but god-damnit, you people are going to hear about my love for this puppy.

I was incredibly nervous the first time I met Sia. P3 had talked about her and I knew how much he loved her and well, I was aware that if she didn’t like me, he wouldn’t like me for much longer.

The first time I met her, she barked a couple of times and warmed up to me almost right away – and I know now that rarely happens.

She is a little damaged, but so amazing. She is this brown colour that is so rich and warm. She has the best smell in the world and the softest fur. When you sleep with her she lets you cuddle her and sometimes, if it is not too hot, she’ll let you fully spoon her. She never eats off your plate, although she will go in for a sniff. She doesn’t bark or cry to go outside, but will wake you up gently if needed. She’s a drippy puppy and can’t keep the water in her bowl. And she hides under the bed when you aren’t there.

I used to sing to her when we went for our walks. People who had the unfortunate experience of hearing thought I was fucking crazy, but whatever. She would be a naughty puppy when I would walk her and be on the phone. She doesn’t like leashes, but doesn’t really need one. I would get comments all the time about what a well-behaved dog I had.

We got married once. P3 got so irritated, but I asked her for her paw, she gave it to me and we were married.

I miss her everyday.

I have mentioned how she is the one that got me out and walking when I didn’t think I could. When P3 and I broke up, she would sit with me while I cried. Her head rubs could melt even the coldest of hearts (and kinda did with me).

Rest assured, I know how fucked up it is that I am still in love with my ex’s dog, but I really am.


I just can’t help but miss her. And our walks. And everything.

Stupid men. Ruining a perfectly good marriage.

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