Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drive where?

I know this is going to get all the ecos irritated, but I love driving.

I could drive for hours, with no real destination. There is something about it that is both calming and enjoyable.

After a break-up with a boyfriend, I drove from Edmonton to Calgary with no real point of it.

It helps me soothe my head, and helps me move past the problem I was facing to a place that I am just singing and smoking in my car.

I have always had really fuel-efficient cars, so at least I'm not driving an Escalade everywhere.

The thing about driving is that it is you against the road.

I know its fucked up, but I quite like driving in inclement weather. There is something about getting through a storm that makes you feel so ... solid as a driver.

Yes, I am a dirty polluting driving loving hick.

Sue me.

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