Saturday, July 25, 2009


#1 - My mom

What can I say about my mom – she is pretty fucking awesome.

I have said this before, but she is my best friend, biggest fan and most fervent champion. Anytime I need anything – hell, even want anything – she is there.

And I know how co-dependent I am on her. There are certain undeniable truths in the world, and that is one of them.

She is even accepting of my friend’s idiosyncrasies – from waking up at 5am on New Years and helping make pancakes, to keeping Eve company when I was working, and accepting Jarod stealing our duvet – she just giggles a little and shrugs it off.

The last one is a true story – he stole it, wrapped it up and lugged it around NYC on New Years Eve. heh.

We have very little in common, other than shopping. She doesn’t get sarcasm, and therefore, doesn’t always get how funny I am. Oh the weird looks I have gotten over the years.

But still, she is the best mom anyone could ask for.

I tease her endlessly – from her faux accent to her pigment – and I think she loves every second of it.

I had never been freaked out like I was when she had her bypass surgery – the thought of this world, my world, without her, well it left me almost paralysed with fear.

Thankfully she is fine, but fuck was that nerve wracking.

She doesn’t drink or smoke, I got those bad habits from dad, but she is always willing to buy a bottle of wine to keep me sedated – ciggies, not so much, but maybe eventually.

Ok, I doubt that, but whatever, I get it.

Anyways, there you have it, my mom.

In a very short little post, because she is a short little lady.

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