Saturday, July 25, 2009

Call me!

I live very far from most of the people that matter to me.

Well, not very far, but far enough so that they are in a different area code. I would say at least 85% of my inner circle, lives away from me.

Woe is me.

When I got my long distance plan, the biggest thing was that I needed was early evenings and unlimited long distance.

Everyone told me that I didn't need the early evenings. Yeah right.

The second I am done work, I am on the phone doing something. I need early evenings.

But the unlimited long distance, well, it makes life so easy. I never have to worry about where I'm calling or how long I am chatting with the person on the other end.

Hearing that person's voice on the other end and knowing that, in reality, they aren't that far away, well, it is very comforting.

Oh, I also love love love talking on the phone while smoking. It makes smoking the way I like it - social.

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