Saturday, July 25, 2009

Names that nick

I have a thing for nicknames. I really like the idea of them, regardless of what the person thinks about them.

For example:

Smelly Paul
Ro Ro
Cookie Monster

P3 hated his more than anything I think. He would comment on how mean I was for making up these nicknames and never consulting the person about them.

He would ask: "Did Paul ask to be called Smelly?"

No, but it stuck, so now he has to accept it. I mean, my mom even calls him Smelly.

None of the nicknames I use have a mean connotation to them - they all come from love, I promise.

Yes, even Chunk.

I don't come up with names for everyone - I mean, that would just be excessive, but if I can think of something easier to call you, I will.

I think it all boils down to laziness.

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