Sunday, July 26, 2009

Come and knock on my door

I love having visitors. It makes Vancouver worthwhile to know that it is close enough for people to visit.

Next up, Harp and BD. VERY excited. I have already been arranging their trip. I am lame. I know.

So far, almost everyone has come out for a visit.

Smelly, the dude I thought would never show, has come a few times now. Thank goodness for OH&S conferences in Vancouver!

See, these people that visit, they can make any place home. Transform my sad little apartment into a place I want to be, rather than a place I have to be.

I get to play tourist with them and see what Vancouver has to offer - beyond the water taxi.

This is probably a bit weird, but one of the big reasons I took my apartment was because it is so close to the beach. I thought ... this would be lovely for visitors.

And it is. No doubt about it.

So, who's up next? September is looking might lonely.

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