Sunday, July 26, 2009


At one point, I was very focused.

There was nothing that could distract me from the task at hand - other than TV

Now, thanks to the interwebs, I have adult onset ADD. And it is kinda awesome.

I sit at a computer everyday and I get to find things, random things that have no relevance to the task at hand.

It is awesome.

I mean, I sit there, working, and wham-o, I get a thought, I Google it and my thought has turned into 20 minutes of useless information.

I can't lie, sometimes I hate it - not being able to focus. It hurts my professional life, that's for sure.

But the thing is, I know just so much random shit, it's silly.

So is this post.

Is anyone out there? I would rather be sleeping right now.

Also, I'm a wee bit tipsy.


Um, hello case in point.

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