Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cookie Monster

I am in Edmonton right now for one reason.

Ally's 30th birthday.

I wasn't going to write about individual friends, because, well, that would take a really long time, and these posts kinda have to be about efficiency a little.

But, I didn't get her a present, so here it is.

For my Cookie Monster.

Ally and I met when I was 13 years old. We weren't friends instantly, she was really cool and I was 13 and in grade 10 - hello nerd.

We became acquintances in grade 11. We had crushes on boys that were friends, so there was a common bond.

The second half of grade 11 was tough for both of us, for different reasons, and we became even closer.

In grade 12 we became the best of friends. Or in some ways frenemies. We loved each other dearly, but would torment each other endlessly. She is a lot smaller than I am, so I would use my intimidating (to her) stature and abuse it.

I still kinda do.

We had a bit of a break just before she went and while she was in Taiwan.

Then, while I was at work one day, I was Googling people from my past, and Googled her.

There I found a lengthy article about her jewelery designs and a recent fashion show she hosted in Taipei.

An email was sent to find out that Ally had returned. She was in Edmonton at this very moment and would love to go for drinks tonight.

I manically started calling Smelly - to act as a parachute. We all went to high school together and well, that is enough in common to keep three people form being bored.

It wasn't as bad as I had expected.

Then, it was like our break had never happened and that life was as it was supposed to be. Ally and I were together.

We haven't had another break since. Thank fucking god. I couldn't deal with it now. Fuck. It would kill me.

I credit Ally (and my mom)with giving me any of the warm, mushiness I have in me.

We can do nothing and everything together and it is totally comfortable.

After knowing Ally for 15 years, she is more like my family than anything else.

I feel really bad for not getting her a gift, so she gets a post. And right now, a lengthy post is worth a lot. I don't think I have many more words in me.

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