Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Try and stay positive

Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. I have nothing else to say. Today kicked my ass. The heat, work, EVERYTHING! It truly felt like the universe was conspiring against me today.

I hope you guys had an ok day. It is days like today that make me miss you guys so much. I want to go for a walk in the river valley, listen to something other than my own frustrations. ARGH!!!

Ok, I will post something tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a little bit more upbeat. God do I hope it is more upbeat tomorrow.

I am trying to stay positive. Really I am.


PS. If y'all are out there, post some comments!!! I had to ask Paul to post some today so I felt as though this blog wasn't totally useless andthat someone in the world was reading it!!! COME ON!!!


Eve said...

i feel that way too about comments!!! Ill respond to your blogs if you repond to mine:) tee hee hee.

I hope you're having a better day today!


steve said...

Hey Iris, the good times would just be normal if you didn't occasionally feel like shit. Or maybe you deserve the hardships you are facing, step on any little people lately?
Miss you Iris,

Doug said...

Hope you have air conditioning at NYU. An overheated Iris scares me.

Hang in , Doug.

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