Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bizzaro Jarod

So I totally met my version of Bizarro Jarod today. He was a bartender at this restaurant in the Meatpacking District. Funny, smart and a bit of geek, all of the qualities I adore in Jarod, and his sexual orientation was somewhat ... ambiguous. He was great! He is a writer and he allowed me to read a piece of his work. Very cool. We talked about movies, and I was planning on seeing the Devil Wears Prada today, but ALL the shows at the theatre by my dorm are sold out! GOD! I have decided that sitting at the bar and eating is a much better way of meeting people. At the very least you will probably chat with the bartender.

Today was HOT! And long. I accidentally got lost again. Here I thought I had a great innate sense of direction, but apparently I was wrong! But no money, other than the money I spent on lunch, left my wallet today. Its a good thing, although the day is still young.

Well off for a nappie nap. Iwis tuckered!

check ya lata!



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