Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I think I melted today

So of course, my dumb ass decided to wear a turtle neck today. Why you all ask. Well that is b/c my office is a freezer. Seriously, I have survived Slave Lake in the middle of winter, and there were days that weren't as cold as this office. So I dress for the office. Makes sense, right? I spend the most amount of time there, and it only makes sense that I be the most comfortable there. Well today, I decided that I haven't been walking enough in the past couple of weeks, so I walked home. Approximately 50 blocks later, I was on the verge of death. BUT THEN!!! I decided that it would be a good idea to go for a bite to eat at this outdoor bar my friend had recommended. Sure, it would have been great, had I NOT been in a turtle neck. So as I sat there and sweated my ass off, and ate a really good meal, I thought of my parents when they were growing up in India. They must have been way hotter. But then I realized that there was a reason they left a Third World country. Because there wasn't enough air conditioning.

A friend asked me the other day if I had a favorite part of the city. I said no, b/c how do you choose amongst all the great things in this city? But today, I revisited a great part of the city I had found on my second trip here. Grammercy Park. It is this quaint little neighborhood, that seems so detached from the hustle and bustle that is NY. Beautiful brownstones surround it, and the park is just so pretty. So today, this is my favorite part of the city.

Ok, I am going to go for another walk in this insane heat and see where that leads me. I just want to give a quick shout out to Paul, Health and Safety Coordinator EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!! Paul, I am very happy for you, and think that an I told you so is in order. Congrats! You rock!

Ok y'all, shake what your mamma gave ya!



p said...

i hate you

Iris said...

shut up. i am allowed to brag when one of my best friends does something amazing.

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