Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What is the matter with people?

I often wonder this. Seriously, what is the matter with people?

One of the many things I love about New York is all the men. I went on more dates in my one month there than I have in the last two years here. All is good right?

Wrong. The last date I went on was with this guy I met at the reggae concert. He was totally cute, British accent and totally cute. We chatted for a bit and then I gave him my digits. He called me a couple days later and we decided to go out on Thursday, Jan. 11.

The date was ok. He was a little weird. He works for the United Nations (yes, THOSE United Nations), originally from the UK, but recently moved to Anguilla. All sounds really great, right? It was, until he said grace before dinner. Hello, you are out with the spawn of satan, don't say grace in front of me.

I tried to move past the grace thing. But then he doesn't drink. WHAT!? I know, I am a drunk, and here I am out with a sober individual. But it was over dinner that he really got a little weird. He offered to pay my rent for me in NYC so I could stay. I don't care if you are The Donald, don't offer something like that on a first date. You might just scare the girl off.

We went out to a lounge and then called it an evening. He wanted to hang out that weekend, but I couldn't (nor did I want to) so he wanted to arrange to hang out on Monday and Tuesday. I told him to give me a call and we would see.

Call he did. Three times that night (to make sure I got home OK), once Friday AM, three times Monday and twice on Tuesday.

Guys, let me tell you , there is no need to call a girl this much!

The only reason I am even blogging about this right now is because he just called again. AGAIN! Can you imagine? It has been almost two weeks since our initial date and you have heard nothing from me. Don't call. Take the hint.

This experience is total karma. Karma for all those times I have been the crazy girl. (although in my defence, I was like 16 at that time, and would rather die than have someone thinking these things about me now. DIE!)

So there we have it. My dating lesson for the day. Don't make your unreturned call number higher than 3. If it gets into double-digits, it is just creepy.


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Ronnie A said...

Baby Jesus cries when you have fun at someone else's expense!

Seriously though, I am starting to live for your little rants. And I am learning soooooo much about life.

P.S. does the stalking thing count if you're not in your own country?