Thursday, January 11, 2007

Too Much Excitement for One Weekend

Holy shit is this weekend going to be awesome. I really don't know how to describe the fun that will be had in NYC this weekend.

First Eve is coming to co-celebrate our birthdays, hers is on the 14th and mine is on the 17th. She is older than I am by three days, which when we are old and grey will make all the difference in the world to me. We have not celebrated our birthdays together in five years. That was a blowout party in Vegas for our 21st. I also haven't seen her in over a year. Can you imagine? UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Second, and this was a last minute trip, Harp and Big Daddy are coming for a visit too! YAY! These two world travelers have been gone for so long that I have only seen Harp for two days in the past year and Big Daddy, well I have only seen him once since June! This again, is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

We should have a good time. I mean, so long as Harp doesn't get arrested, Big Daddy doesn't pick up any hookers and Eve doesn't get lost in the shops on Canal Street (the first and last are probably the most likely to happen, as I have yet to see a hooker in the city)

So, who's excited for this weekend? ME!!!



Ronnie A said...

I am so jealous! 'Nuff said

p said...

that does sound rad.

rad... hehehe, how eighties.

anyway, the other day i was thinking about all the fun stuff i did over the summer and it occured to me that i was living vicariously through you.
i knew i never did that to that guy in that alley after that feist gig!


why didn't you find hotter guys?! ugh.