Sunday, January 07, 2007


I am an only child. I will never have ACTUAL nieces and nephews, so I have claimed my second-cousins as my nieces and nephews. Jarod always reminds me how this is not a true claim of blood relation, but when did I EVER listen to his ass?

Mom and I went to Houston on Wednesday. I haven't seen Sydney and Hugh since August, and, well, kids just grow so quickly, that you miss so much.

I have never wanted kids, at least not yet, maybe ever. I don't think I have the patience to have kids, but I LOVE THEM!

Sydney is three and Hugh is 1. Holy shit are they cute. I mean COME ON! Why do they have to be so damn cute? We hung out all Wed, Thur and Fri. Let me tell ya, they totally melt this grinch's heart.

Thursday Sydney and I were hanging out, playing, dancing, singing, yelling. I got her to take a bath, which she totally didn't want to do. Then I did the impossible. I got her to sleep with me. She usually sleeps with her grandma or her parents, and doesn't usually sleep with others, but the promise of a slumber party suckered her in. We got ready for bed, and she asks "Aunty Iris, what's a slumber party??" This after she was sooooo excited for it. SO cute! Holy moly is this kid a bed hog. She had me shmooshed against the wall all night. How is someone 35 lbs able to ruin a perfectly good night's sleep like that? Although I will not complain.

The next day I got her all jazzed to go ice skating. For those of you not in the know, I once skated daily. I was never very good, in fact I sucked, but I loved it. So we packed the family up, got Sydney ready and went to the rink.

I put on my skates, which have not been on my feet for 13 years. It was like the first time I had stepped on the ice. I was sooooo bad. But it was hilarious. I did a couple of laps and then got her out there. We made it about half way around the rink when she got tired, and so did I.

It was great fun. She asked me yesterday, (I am back in NYC now) if I was going skating today. She is sooo cute. I wanted to die.

Moral of the story ... I really like being an aunt - even a fake one.



Eve said...

you can be a fake aunt if i ever have a child :)

Iris said...

Please, if I am a real aunt to anyone's kid, it will be yours. Almost 20 years of friendship gives me that right.


Anonymous said...

try having a 3year old boy in your bed, no matter how you are positioned, he always finds a way to hit you in the thankful.