Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am 26 now. AWESOME! (Sarcasm included)

I wasn't particularly excited for my birthday this year. For those of you who know me, you know that this is odd. I am a HUGE fan of birthdays. They are the only day in the world that is devoted entirely to you. You will be sharing every other day, but your birthday is yours alone. Even if you share it with someone else you know, it is still your day.

This year was incredibly sad for me though. I didn't realize how much leaving NYC on my birthday was going to affect me. But let me tell ya, it really did. I was in tears off and on throughout the day. Talk about depressing, and very out of character, I am not a public crier. In fact, I would like to believe I have no human emotions or tear ducts.

So the flight was depressing, yada yada yada. I did get to watch the unedited version of the Departed, and I thought it kicked ass. I totally wanted to make out with Leo after it, and I am not a Leo fan.

Get back into Edm and Ally picks me up. Both literally and figuratively. It was great to see her again. She took me for lunch, and then Paul and Jarod came over.

I have come to realize something. It doesn't matter what city you live in. The city isn't your home. The people are. Just hanging out with everyone yesterday brightened up a crappy day, and made me see what I have in my life is something everyone should be jelly about. I have the most amazing friends in the whole fucking world. No seriously. We can fight about this all you want, but no one tops my crew. NO ONE!


PS. Finally got to see The Devil Wears Prada. I totally want to work at a fashion mag! Although their shit would never fit me, I would just take it home to look at and drool. Ahhh .... clothes.


Ronnie A said...

You're totally right. With the exception of the river valley, the only thing I miss about Edmonton is my amazing friends. You can include yourself in that bunch.

Iris said...

Oh Ronnie. You know how to make a girl feel downright special.