Friday, January 12, 2007

Holy Martha!

Ok, so I have had some FABULOUS days in this city and today was NO different! Today was celeb-fabulous!

Everyone arrived at an OBSCENE hour this morning. I am talking like 4:30 and 6:45 AM. Can you imagine? When we all congregated, we took a little nappie nap and got ready for our day. Big Daddy hasn't been to New York before, so we took the subway and made our way to Times Square, with a pit stop at Grand Central Station.

We go to Times Square and hang out for a bit in the area. Now, one thing I had yet to see in the city was the Letterman studio. Can you believe it?! Me, who has Dave as one of her top three celebrities to get it on with. We went to the Letterman studios and saw the Hello Deli (you know, Rupert Gee's Hello Deli). Big Daddy even ordered a Letterman sandwich and he got it from Rupert! Uber-cool!

We then walked through Midtown and made our way to the Plaza where Eve and I were meeting the Sex and the City tour. Both of us are very into SATC. VERY into it. We went on the tour and saw a ton of the sites where the girls hang out etc. We got to sit on Carrie's stoop and as we are waiting to get our pic taken, we see Nina Katz (she was the one that made the face to Carrie when they met) walking her dog. How random and cool. Sure she isn't a major celeb or anything, but still a little weird, right? On the SATC tour and a person that was on SATC walks by. Again, uber-cool.

We finish the tour and meet up with Big Daddy and Harp. They went to the Financial District and on the Staten Island ferry. We then begin the walk to my apt.

On the walk we see a film crew and big lights, so we decide to check it out. It is the new Elisha Cuthbert / Jesse Bradford movie that is filming in the city. While we didn't get to see them making the movie (it was all the stand-ins doing rehearsals) we did see them as they were walking to the set. Let me tell ya, Jesse Bradford (he was the really cute guy from Bring It On - one of the best teen movies EVER) is very cute in person as well.

So that was our day ... so far. Great minor celeb-filled day. I freaking love this city!


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Ronnie A said...

I once met a dude in Seoul who kinda looked like Kim Jong Il. Ok...I lied, I've never met any celebrities in Korea. I just wanted to play your game. You win this round Dias!