Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Ms. Eve

Sunday was Harp and Craig's last day in NYC. It also happened to be Eve's birthday. So we all got up (this was a big slumber party weekend, with Eve and I on the pullout and Harp and Craig on the air mattress in the living room) got dressed, watched a couple episodes of Entourage (I get everyone addicted to that show) and then we all went on our merry ways.

Eve and I decided to walk all day and see what this city has to offer. We walked from the UES to SoHo. For those of you unaware of the distance, it is about 100 blocks. Along the way we shopped a bit, but mainly just walked and hung out.

For Eve's dinner she had the idea of going to Tao. It was a great meal, probably the best sushi I have ever had in my entire life. I just have to say, "Wow".

After we stuffed our bellies full, we sat by the Plaza Fountain. I love this fountain, and have to say it is probably my favorite little spot in the city. It is just so old school NYC. The Plaza, Central Park, Fifth Avenue. It's the New York from movies. It is the New York you see and think, "Wow, I might like to visit New York one day".

So that was our weekend. It was fun, random and no one was arrested (thank god we knew when to cut off Harp)

Thank you to Eve, Harp and Big Daddy for coming. I think I would have been too depressed if y'all had not been here.

Tomorrow, my last NYC post. So very very sad.



Anonymous said...

tomorrow your last NYC post for a while, NOT FOREVER!!!!

Thanks for the GREAT weekend, we had an awesome time. I am bragging to everyone that I saw NIGEL he is bloody HOT!!!!!


p said...

i'm so very jealous

so very very jealous

Eve said...

iris- i had the best time! thanks for being such a great hostess!! Your apartment is the cutest ever, and I love LENNY'S!!! Happy Birthday!!